Business Analytics

Project Management

Business analytics projects have special characteristics, not necessary experienced by more traditional system development initiatives. Vague, evolving or changing requirements are the order of the day. Fast and iterative deployments, coupled with an ever growing pot of “ad hocs” make planning and prioritising within a given budget a constant challenge.

iOCO takes an agile approach in delivering and managing projects. As a first step, a high level plan is created based on outline requirements and a high level view of the solution to be delivered. From that point onwards, the end project is created iteratively and incrementally, involving all stakeholders. We have found that this approach ensures shared accountability for delivering projects.

We believe that good project managers are not a dime a dozen, and find that our clients benefit from our skills during an engagement. This ensures that good communication is achieved, expectations are managed and, most importantly, customers are seeing real value-add.

Our consulting approach and methodologies for the predictive analytics component of the proposed forward looking business analytics solution, are based on the leading data mining process model, the Cross Industry Standard Practice for Data Mining, also known as CRISP-DM.

The six major phases of CRISP-DM are shown in the diagram below: