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In a world where rapidly changing technologies are altering the course of humanity, our purpose is what defines us. Our purpose, to Solve, evokes pride, integrity and innovation in everything we do moves us towards a sustainable and transformative future.

Inspire Series

Join Colin Iles, CEO of Innovation Catalysts as he speaks to some of South Africa’s top thinkers - a diverse group of principled individuals about what purposeful leadership means for them and how to lead and inspire people during a recovery while balancing the needs of different stakeholders to minimise economic and social impact.

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How do I automate more of the finance function and leverage AI for cost saving?

Avoid a rough crossing by understanding the benefits of an AWS OLA for your Windows Workloads migration

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IDC CIO Summit 2021
South Africa

The Game of Change
Keeping up with your customers
Dion Chang, Founder of Fluxtrends

Purposeful Leadership

The impact of purpose, circular economies and wider possibilities that the Plastic Bank demonstrates

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