iOCO collaboration protection secures Office 365

iOCO collaboration protection secures Office 365

With 345 million paid seats, Microsoft Office 365 is perhaps the world’s most popular cloud-based collaboration platform. Individuals and businesses of all sizes rely on Exchange Online, Teams, OneDrive and SharePoint to provide a collaboration platform, crucial in today’s hybrid work environments.

“The cloud in general, and Office 365 in particular, have played a significant role in enabling collaboration, but it has also created a security headache,” says Dwaine Duthie, Head of Solutions: Innovations, iOCO Infrastructure Services. “Organisations store valuable information on Office 365—a juicy target for cybercriminals.”

In terms of the Cloud Services Shared Responsibility Model, the cloud provider is responsible for the security of the cloud infrastructure and services, while customers are responsible for the security of their data. The reality is that 85% of companies using Office 365 have had a breach in the last 12 months, with 67% of IT leaders acknowledging an increase in the number of data breaches owing to the increase in remote working.

“Unfortunately, Microsoft’s advanced security features are only available on higher tier subscriptions, unaffordable for many organisations, and while most organisations have some sort of e-mail protection, that typically does not cover the other products in the Office 365 suite,” says Duthie.

That is where the iOCO Infrastructure Services suite of Collaboration Protection solutions enters the picture. These solutions provide effective threat protection for Office 365 applications against phishing, ransomware, malicious files, internal e-mail risks, malicious attachments, and URLs. End users remain the primary vulnerability for cybersecurity defences, and collaboration platforms, by their very nature, allow malicious code to spread easily across the organisation.

Based on WithSecure Elements Collaboration Protection, iOCO Infrastructure Services offers Collaboration Protection-as-a-Service. iOCO Infrastructure Services is a WithSecure Gold Partner. iOCO Collaboration Protection-as-a-Service provides reporting, incident management and security maintenance of the customer’s environment via the team of security professionals at its operations centre. The security team configures, maintains, and monitors the collaboration protection solution, detecting compromised accounts and alerting users and administrators quickly. Additionally, it monitors inbox rules to identify suspicious looking ones that may indicate a compromised account.

“Because it is delivered as a service, iOCO Collaboration Protection is both cost-effective and highly convenient. More than that, it addresses the chronic shortage of specialist security personnel in most organisations. It provides the missing piece of the puzzle, meaning the customer can secure its Office 365 environment with minimal effort,” adds Duthie. “It means that small and medium-sized businesses essentially get the same level of protection that high-tier Microsoft licences receive but at a reduced price point,” he concludes.

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