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Despite the fact that all businesses have digital transformation on the agenda, many do not fully understand what is needed to reach their full potential. This is where iOCO’s Advisory practice comes in. We help our customers navigate today’s disruptive technologies, providing the solutions they need to realise the full opportunities and benefits offered by their digital investments.

Our unique blend of dynamic consulting, technical expertise and collaborative insight is guaranteed to help you win the digital arms race. With our deep industry knowledge and exceptional skills base, iOCO has extensive experience in helping companies align technology spend with strategic business objectives.

Framed by your business transformation journey, our IT advisory services deliver value with two goals in mind: Digital business enablement and managing and optimising the IT engine room. With cybersecurity built into every layer, and cloud at the centre of all our solutions – whether hybrid, public or private – efficiency and operational excellence are guaranteed.

Strategy and business consulting

You shouldn’t have to adapt your business to make your technology work for you. Rather, technology should be personalised with your company and its specific processes in mind.

Our IT advisory capabilities are enabled by people who understand that collaboration is key to developing high-level solutions that deliver results. For a company to achieve its long-term goals, it must know the areas that it needs to focus on and why. We provide careful calculation, realistic analyses, and practical strategy development to help guide your technology investments and ensure you are positioned to take advantage of the right services and tools – now, and in the future.

Our strategic consulting services include:

  • Strategy and strategic roadmap development
  • Business case development
  • Cost analysis, optimisation, financial modelling and budget oversight
  • Operating model design


In an increasingly regulated world, all companies today have to take a long hard look at the way information resides within their organisations, who has access to it, and more importantly, whether it leaves them open to operational and security risks. Governance, risk and compliance is clearly about more than its three specific components. While each of these is essential for the effective running of an organisation, security should be approached from a risk-based methodology rather than only another tick box to ensure compliance.

This is one of the reasons that security is built into every layer of our solutions, and why our strategic advisory services include a practice dedicated to governance. Risk, governance and security are already connected but strategy is notably absent in many companies. Even though governance, risk and compliance is a broad discipline, organisations often localise management of specific risk areas within individual departments rather than approach it through a comprehensive plan.

Our strategic advisory approach ensures that all governance initiatives are planned, tactical, and cover the entire organisation. Our services include governance and compliance assessments and roadmaps, strategy, and due diligence.


A dynamic security framework can only be achieved through a proactive approach. It is commonly believed that vulnerability management will minimise the risk of a data breach. However, without placing vulnerabilities into the context of the risk associated with them, organisations can misalign their remediation resources. Often, they overlook the most critical risks while only addressing ‘low-hanging fruit’. This is not only a waste of money, but more importantly, it creates a longer window of opportunity for hackers to exploit critical vulnerabilities.

The ultimate goal is to shorten the window attackers have to exploit a weakness. Our cybersecurity advisory services have been designed to prevent threats from reaching their target, and range from security strategy assessments, to risk management, process controls and audit, to external compliance – and everything in between.

Ensuring an effective security posture throughout the organisation, we provide comprehensive information security management solutions as well as user-centric security behavioural change. Disaster recovery planning and business continuity design help further safeguard the business.

Solution design and execution

The role of the CIO is changing. Building and maintaining the IT infrastructure and operations used to support the business used to be the CIO’s only job. Today, CIOs are responsible for creating IP and innovation and ensuring that the needs and goals of the business are being met by technology.

CIOs are expected to add value across the organisation while keeping costs down, and this is putting additional pressure on their departments. Our advisory service works with the entire management team to ensure that business and IT align in order to create efficiencies while staying ahead of the current rapid pace of change.

Through effective solution design and execution, we help forge links between business and IT strategies and processes, develop indicators that link IT performance metrics to business goals, secure resources for innovations by identifying opportunities rather than by cutting costs, and align IT, team members, with business units.

Our solutions include:

  • Business process design
  • Enterprise, business, and system architecture
  • Cloud strategy and journey maps
  • Application portfolio design and management
  • Data and reporting strategy, architecture, governance, and quality assessment

IT project management

Technology is morphing at a frenetic pace, and IT departments continuously have to balance increasing demand with diminishing resources. As a result, a project's margin for error is much smaller today than it has ever been.

To reduce the likelihood of an IT project failure, it’s important to apply a project management methodology which includes identifying and monitoring a project's key vital signs so the proper adjustments can be made if it falls into jeopardy. However, project management success requires a balance between strictly adhering to a methodology and modifying it to suit the realities of your specific IT environment and time-to-delivery demands.

Our project management team is made up of individuals with different talents and skills to ensure that the planning and execution of a project meets all objectives. Our services also include:

Our services also include:

  • IT service vendor selection
  • Transition planning and management
  • Agile coaching / training, transformation and business problem solving
  • Programme and project assurance
  • Portfolio strategy and management

People and resources

Our experts help inform decision making in your organisation so that you can make effective decisions, and our team ensures that your business is gaining every possible edge available through adopting new innovations. Providing deep industry insight, our skilled team offers a liaison to bridge and balance the supply of IT resources and demands of your business. Whether you’re trying to manage your assets, plan for a future remodel, or are looking to create new innovations that will boost your business, iOCO will help you achieve your goals.

We provide:

  • Knowledge management, strategy and execution
  • Organisational change enablement
  • Organisation and role design
  • Stakeholder and change management
  • Performance measurement and metrics
  • Leadership culture and values

Domain-specific expertise and solutions

Each industry has its own specific needs and requirements. Leveraging the capabilities of our specialist skills, we provide a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the mining, financial services, manufacturing, retail, and telecoms sectors.

Need help achieving your digital transformation goals?

iOCO will ensure you have access to a solution tailored to your needs.