End-to-end solutions for the digitally enabled, hyperconnected mine

The mining industry is becoming increasingly complex. Mining houses need to achieve sustainable profitability in markets characterised by volatile commodity prices and oversupply, competition and consolidation, and ever-changing equipment, quality, and safety regulations.

These developments are being driven by advancements in Fourth Industrial Revolution technology, such as cloud computing, the Industrial Internet of Things, and big data and analytics.

To stay relevant and competitive, mines need to become hyper-connected, digitally enabled organisations.

Journey to the digitally connected mine

As your digital transformation and technology integration partner, iOCO brings advanced skillsets, expertise, and digital capabilities that transform your operations and reduce friction in your mining production processes.

We help mines to navigate challenges such as capital expenditure constraints, compressed design cycles, and workforce capability. Our end-to-end mining industry solutions help you:

  • Drive operational profitability
  • Improve asset reliability and availability
  • Enhance performance management and decision support
  • Optimise resource consumption, throughput, and output
  • Enhance efficiency and productivity
  • Improve site and workforce safety
  • Improve the efficient and relevancy of reporting
  • Achieve real-time visibility of operational and business performance

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Future-proof your operations by becoming hyper-connected and digitally enabled. Stay ahead of the curve with these Identified key trends.


A clearly defined set of digitisation requirements, coupled with the implementation of relevant connected technologies will deliver tangible benefits to your organisation.

Digital Tends in Mining

Modern technology is impacting the ability of miners to use data in an integrated and holistic manner to unlock potential value across the mining value chain.

iOCO’s mining industry solutions

What does it mean to solve for the end-to-end mining value chain?

For iOCO, it means enabling your entire ecosystem using advanced digital infrastructure, technology, applications, data, and architecture integration, while always prioritising safety and security and managing risk.

Here’s what that could include:

Business management & enhancement

Enabling cross-functional and business-to-process integration and optimisation through reporting, analysis, and decision support.

Our business management solutions cover:

• Health, safety, and environmental compliance
• Supply chain management
• Finance management
• Human resources

Production management

Enabling production excellence through visibility, data integration, and analytics.

Production monitoring, control & optimisation

Enabling real-time decision-making based on monitoring and predictive values and processes across:

• MRM and planning - integrated planning up to schedule level
• Mining – visualisation and SIC to enable proactive vs reactive management
• Plant - real-time control and advanced process optimisation
• Logistics and marketing - integrated and proactive from mine to port


Digitally enabled processes and functions to facilitate autonomous operations, safety initiatives, and resource enablement.

Asset management

Predictive and continuous monitoring of critical assets to improve asset reliability and cost reduction.

Environmental management

Proactive environmental management and monitoring to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Safety management

Digitised processes and an enabled workforce result in proactive management, reactions, and task execution.

iOCO’s IT and operations consulting capabilities for the mining industry

Not sure where to start? Our experts can help you design a strategy, roadmap, or business case to bring about change or bring your vision to life.

Target operating model development

In helping you to design and implement your digital operating model, we’ll cover:

  • Business and IT due diligence, governance and compliance assessment and information strategy management solutions
  • Business process design; enterprise, business, and system architecture design; data and reporting strategy; portfolio strategy and management
  • Performance measurement and metrics
  • Integrated business, systems and data strategies and architectures, including process, data, skills, governance structures, reporting lines and service level agreements
Technology strategy

IT/OT convergence

In integrating information technology and operational technology, we enable optimised operations through:

• Strategic business problem solving
• Application portfolio design and management

 Cloud vs on-premise business and mining systems

We’ll design a cloud strategy supported by the collection and transfer of structured, unstructured, and streaming data into either on-premise or cloud solutions, depending on your business needs. Services include:

• Cloud readiness
• Cloud strategy
• Journey maps

IT security risk mitigation

Our cyber security and fraud solutions are based on risk management principles and include:

• Security strategy
• Risk management process control and audits
• Penetration tests

Technology implementation

Our technology implementation capabilities include:

• Digitisation Roadmaps: Realistic implementation timelines, prioritisation, and roadmaps of digitisation projects, including transition planning and management.
• Business case development to support the business strategy and enablement projects.
• Vendor selection process: Assistance and guidance through the commercial process, including cost analysis, optimisation, financial modelling, and budget oversight.
• System development services: Designing, building, and implementing business- and mining-specific software and hardware.
• Project management services: Structured project and implementation support through methodology driven project and programme management services, and programme and project assurance.

Technology application

Access to real-time information: Coupled with the correct processes, people, and technology, accessing real-time information enables the extraction of maximum value out of every process, every day, and every shift.

Automation, telemetry, and big data: Implementation of appropriate systems and telemetry to extract the correct data from processes and equipment to enable data analysis and development of insights to optimise process and performance.

Change management

Our project change management services focus on the impact of digitisation on the workforce and include:

• Agile coaching and training, transformation, and business problem solving
• Stakeholder relationship management, organisational change enablement, leadership culture and values
• Organisational and role design

Environmental management

Proactive environmental management and monitoring to ensure compliance with safety standards and regulations.

Safety management

Digitised processes and an enabled workforce result in proactive management, reactions, and task execution.

Technology-driven industry transformation

No matter where you are in your journey to digital mining operations, iOCO brings the IP, processes, people, and results to get you there faster.

As one of the strongest converged IT/OT provider in South Africa able to fully bridge the divide between infrastructure operations (IO) and operational technology (OT), iOCO brings an unmatched ability to solve for the end-to-end mining value chain.

With expert understanding and experience within the industry and detailed knowledge of technology options available for every aspect of the mining operation, we’re able to guide your mine’s digital journey while supporting current and future operations.

We’re a client-focused technology consulting partner that’s committed to finding the best solution for you, delivered through our own IP and extensive OEM partner base.

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