Deliver consistent customer value in the digital economy

Telecommunication service providers used to be just about providing data and voice services. Now, they have evolved their service offerings to become critical players in the ecosystem as insurance providers, content streamers, and payment facilitators.

As the trend towards personalised customer service intensifies, telcos are best placed to service the demand through bundled products and solutions that meet individuals’ specific needs – from one secure, trusted hub.

To succeed, there’s one critical thing that telcos need to get right: the consistency of the digital experience across channels and touchpoints.

Why iOCO?

We believe that open source systems will drive future customer engagement. That’s why we’ve always been tech agnostic and have developed deep cross-industry experience in critical capabilities, including:

  • Software development
  • Digital solution enablement
  • Customer journey design and deployment
  • Networking and cybersecurity
  • Intelligent advertising and customer-facing digital channels
  • Application Managed Services

Our scale and depth of experience across technologies, platforms, and methodologies is unrivalled. This means you not only benefit from a full-feature Agile team, including developers, testers, and scrum masters; you also have access to our expert business analysts, design thinkers and strategists, and managed services support.

We enable the entire telco value chain:

Unlock strategic value in the API economy

At iOCO, we believe that interconnected ecosystems are the key to delivering value and standout customer experiences in the telco industry.

We also believe that massive opportunities to offer new value to customers emerge when you become part of an AI-first, partnership-driven, open data ecosystem.

The ability to bring third-party functionality into your environment via secure APIs unlocks massive opportunities to:

  • Offer tailored, value-adding services to your customers, like the convenience of paying for a taxi ride with airtime.
  • Monetise your data. Banks, for example, can use your customer information to take financial services to unbanked populations in rural areas.
  • Create ecosystems that generate value-added revenue streams above voice and data in a race to the bottom.

iOCO offers solutions and services across the entire telco ecosystem, including enterprise and consumer business units, operations and systems support.

We start with your customers

Using a design thinking approach, we help you create a business use case and map out the customer journeys and experiences that execute your vision.

Design and Refine

We focus on opportunities to better serve your customers – and in an open, API-first ecosystem, there’s plenty of them. Then we design the user journey from their perspective while continuously enhancing the experience and reducing friction through third-party functionality.


Build and Implement

Next, we build and deploy the user journeys and customer-facing digital applications at scale and integrate them into your back-end systems. Using API-led modernisation approaches, we’ll consolidate, standardise, and optimise your services and securely enable third-party functionality. We’ll also orchestrate your system processes and integrate your digital touchpoints and platforms so that you can continually deliver rich user experiences.

Monitor and Manage

Through our advanced Application Managed Services approach – which covers the entire telco value chain – we ensure you’re consistently delivering value to customers at the right time, in the right place, in the right way. We look for opportunities to use your data for packaging and selling new solutions via the API marketplace.

Enable a growing self-service ecosystem that empowers
consumers to do more from wherever they are.