Simple yet smart technology solutions for real-time crop management

What if technology were able to change the way you grow your crops, improve your agricultural methods, reduce water wasted in irrigation and boost crop yields? What if your farm could be fully managed, optimised and become more competent at the click of a button?

Challenges farmers face today

Farm control & management

Quality & quantity of farm yield

Limited water resources

Fertilisation scheduling & monitoring

Increasing weather instability

Diseases and pest infections

High soil salinity

Our Smart Farm Management Solution combines the power of any IoT technology with our proprietary application to manage farms of all sizes, efficiently and remotely. Our aim is to help farmers maintain an ideal environment to increase crop yield, prevent crop diseases and improve water productivity.

The solution has been developed to address challenges that have plagued farmers over the years. The Smart Farm Management Solution gathers information from sensors to analyse data related to soil, irrigation water, weather, fertilisers, pesticides, pests and diseases to provide you with a holistic assessment of the farm’s vital parameters and potential threats.

The solution, which operates on mobile or tablet devices, will help you.

Monitor vital parameters for soil, weather and water

Receive instantaneous data from various sensors and then convert it into valuable information to help effective, timeous decision making

Control and optimise the utilisations of resources

Provides valuable weather parameters to mitigate potential risks which could negatively affect crop production (quantity and quality)

Provide valuable surveillance records for crop growth and farmer activities

Key features

The Smart Farming Solution utilises the following sensors and devices to collect vital data and transform it into a dashboard to provide analytical and statistical reports. It also provides all the alarms and notifications farmers may need for real-time response to challenges or opportunities.

Software modules



Monitoring &




Soil Sensors

  • Measure soil salinity
  • Measure soil moisture
  • Measure soil temperature
  • Measure soil alkalinity
  • Measure soil aeration
  • Measure essential nutrients in soil
    (Nitrogen - Phosphorous - Potassium)

Weather sensors

  • Predict rain probability
  • Identify strength and direction of wind
  • Measure percentage of carbon dioxide
  • Measure intensity of light
  • Assess air quality
  • Measure humidity

Water irrigation sensors

  • Measure water alkalinity
  • Measure water salinity
  • Measure water temperature
  • Leak detection
  • Measure water level
  • Measure irrigation water flow

Surveillance cameras

  • 24/7 farm monitoring
  • Manpower management

Our Smart Farming Solution helps farmers to

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