PoPIA (Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013) is South Africa’s data protection law, aimed at protecting personal information processed by public and private bodies. PoPIA came into effect on 1 July 2020, with a 12-month grace period. The cost of non-compliance from 1 July 2021 comes with severe penalties including:

A fine or imprisonment of between R1 million and R10 million or one to ten years in jail

Financial compensation for damages suffered by data subjects

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The iOCO compliance hub is a community platform where individuals can access PoPI and other compliance-related events, resources, training and thought leadership. Members can also share knowledge and engage with each other and our experts through various forums.

The 1 July deadline for PoPI compliance is fast approaching. Sign up for our PoPIA Readiness Challenge and in just 10 days we’ll get you in good shape to beat the deadline!

Each day you will join an hour-long session where an expert will take you through the day’s content. When the video sessions end, you will receive a document with a breakdown of the steps you need to take to complete your mission. There will be some prep work involved. There will be some homework. However, every day you will be one step closer to becoming POPIA-compliant.

It will be like having your own dedicated support team for two weeks, at a fraction of the cost!

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We can help you. We have a team of qualified professionals to help your organisation through the compliance process.

Our specialised tools perform assessments based on PoPIA and GDPR (a regulation in EU law) to pinpoint your training and implementation requirements.

Our legal experts are ready to provide legal guidelines and amend contracts and policies to ensure compliance.

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We also provide online services to help you with:

Awareness training (Webinars)

Assessments to gauge where your business stands

Roadmap for compliance

Legal guidelines for contracts

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