Automate business processes, enhance your people’s core capabilities and let their skills shine.

Work more efficiently, drive more effective customer service, eliminate the risk of human error.

Secure productivity beyond the physical limitations of the workplace.

Your end-to-end automation partner through every step of your business process automation journey

We’re ready to help your organisation simplify operations through automation to reduce resource wastage and give your people the time to create and seize opportunities for growth.

Advisory led, technology agnostic
creative problem solving, not product sales.

Purpose built solutions  
tailored to accelerate your key business drivers.

Deep industry knowledge  
technical capability with an unmatched track record.

Our automation offerings

System Integration

Bring together disparate systems, data sources and APIs to create a unified business ecosystem.

Computer Vision

Extract Text from documents, interpret imagery, and identify objects in video footage to feed into processes and process decisions.

Workflow Automation

Simplify process management and liberate all departments from the burden of manual tasks.

Digital Assistants

Provide tailored, targeted assistance in context to individuals – like having your own personal assistant to lighten your workload.

Robotic Process Automation

Augment worker productivity with software bots that perform highly repetitive tasks without error or fatigue.

Intelligent Automation

Combine AI, machine learning and process automation to improve business efficiency and accelerate transformation.

Find out more about our other services and solutions

Docs2Data is an intelligent document processing solution designed for corporate and enterprise customers that are grappling with slow and error prone, manual document processing.

Compatible with a variety of document formats, including specific document types commonly used in South Africa, Docs2Data quickly and accurately converts documents into structured data, saving businesses time and money.

Streamline your customer service operations, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, and increase operational efficiency, all while staying on the cutting edge of digital transformation with our advisory-led,technology-agnostic approach that focuses on leveraging digital self-help tools and improving agent efficiency and effectiveness.

Driving Efficiency with AI Automation

Explore the impact of AI on the automation landscape, infusing processes with adaptability and intelligence. Natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms enhance automation workflows, orchestrate context-aware interactions and enable predictive decision-making. Whether optimising customer service through advanced Artificial Intelligence chatbot interactions or potentially revolutionising supply chain efficiency with predictive insights, AI in automation offers sophisticated layers of intelligence to streamline and optimise processes.

With the increasing use of automation tools, businesses have started looking for an added level of intelligence. iOCO uses a number of AI tools, including Generative AI, to help make automation smarter and more effective. Ultimately resulting in an autonomous mode, AI is applied into business functions to take small, tedious decisions out of the hands of employees, freeing them up to focus on more important tasks.

The Digital Workforce

Through intelligent automation, Digital Workforce-as-a-Service has been designed to automate and speed up repetitive, time-consuming and costly tasks thus freeing up your employees to focus on more complex and strategic activities that require human capabilities.
Providing immediate access to pre-built workforce automation solutions,
Digital Workforce-as-a-Service can be deployed quickly to deliver instant value.

iOCO’s Outsourced Automation Centre of Excellence (ACoE)

  • Every department has unique needs, requiring a variety of applications to streamline their operations and help them meet objectives.
  • A process automation strategy can act as an interface and offer connectivity between the disparate systems and applications of the various teams and departments in the organisation.
  • iOCO’s Automation Centre of Excellence brings together the people, processes, and technology necessary to maximise the benefits of automation.

Highly beneficial to the bottom line, iOCO’s outsourced ACoE offering provides exactly what your organisation needs to accelerate projects that increase revenue, serve customers more effectively, and save on costs.

When you think business process automation, think iOCO.

Technologies that we work with include: