Enterprise Applications

Enabling the modern enterprise

No business is exempt from disruption in the digital revolution. Everything is changing as we shift into an application-driven economy.

Features that suit any business

iOCO has the skills and capabilities to support organisations to implement, integrate and design software, enabling the integration of all aspects of a business operations and processes such as accounting, finance, human resources, inventory control, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution, and resource planning. Advanced enterprise applications provide linkages with customers, business partners, and suppliers.

Enterprise Applications and ERP solutions fit for cloud

There is a pressing need for ERP systems to transition to become part of an open, highly-integrated digital ecosystem in the cloud to enable digital success.

True differentiation and competitiveness will be found in the quality of the ERP functionality extensions, combined with other best-of-breed applications, web services and edge technologies and the manner in which these are integrated.

We build, design and engineer functionality into your architectural reality to provide the fuel to enable business processes that bring people and technology closer together in realising digital ambitions.

Why choose iOCO as your ERP systems integrator?

We are technology-agnostic:

Which means we can provide the best technology solution because there are no limits to the technology we can choose from.

We build forward-thinking solutions:

We establish robust open architectures with ERP at the core, while creating interconnected ecosystems in which these platforms can coexist with other critical technologies.

We can dev anything:

We can literally provision and develop any enterprise application functionality to pull together a new cloud-based ERP ecosystem.

Outcomes-based enterprise application solutions and services:

A strong focus on global Enterprise Resource Planning applications like SAP, Oracle, Infor and SysPro, means we can help organisations with:

  • Consolidation, transformation and optimisation of legacy ERP estates
  • Enhancement of ERP with upgrades to new functionality
  • Migration of ERP to cloud.

The result? A digital ecosystem with robustly-implemented cloud ERP (essentially software-as-a-service) that is cost effective, open, future fit and ready for anything.

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