iOCO’s Advisory Group:

A Strategic Innovation & Design Consultancy

We’re problem diagnosticians and advisors who offer
value-driven solutions through business-oriented thinking.

Who We Are

Our Team consists of consultants,
architects and designers who, together
with a range of specialists within EOH,
craft innovative and robust solution

Our Mission

We’re dedicated to creating shared value
and designing solutions that work in the
real world.

Our Difference

Leveraging the skills within EOH, we aim to
not just provide the solutions on paper, but
to make them working reality.

What We Do

We design the right thing in the right way, using trusted and proven methodologies. Validating solutions with analysis and research, we help
you implement those solutions sustainably and cost-effectively.

Our solutions combine business, technology, and design in a vast number of ways to suit your exact needs. As part of iOCO Digital, we take you
from conceptualisation, design, testing, and validating to building and scaling those solutions, ensuring consistency in delivery across each phase
of the project.

We’re dedicated to creating shared value and designing solutions that work in the real world.

Our Value Propositions

Embedding Design

Empower your businesses
through design thinking drivenapproaches to createhuman-centric designs thatwork.

DVF Prioritisation & Design Sprints

Get concrete and measurable outcomes rapidly by validating your concepts. Convince your investors, reduce risks, avoid developing unnecessary features, and maximise your return on investment.

Programme & Project Advisory

Ensure that your projects are justified and viable before you start. Deliver projects using best practices and achieve the desired outcomes through effective project management and project assurance.

Early Stage to Enterprise Development

Achieve rapid time-to-value using design-first methodologies that fast-track investment through rapid ideation, iteration, and innovation.

Digital Transformation

Design and execute your digital transformation strategy and journey so that you can implement user-centric, efficient, and effective solutions.

Maturity Assessments & Roadmaps

Close the gap between your current and desired maturity by assessing and identifying performance gaps, business objectives, and risks.

Reimagining IT & Technology Roadmaps

Leverage technology strategically to achieve business and technology goals, improve client experiences, and drive innovation.

Technology Selection & Business Cases

Make objective solution decisions through a structured, comprehensive technology selection and business case development process.

Change & Learning Management

Empower change and enhance learning associated with technology change through targeted interventions and learning platforms.

Sustainability Strategy & Assessment Frameworks

Deliver complex ecological and societal sustainability based on robust ideation and concept validation.

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