Enter the API economy

Put APIs at the heart of your enterprise

Organisations are making the shift from value chains to platforms as they build out their role in larger ecosystems. This shift, along with the growth of IoT devices is driving the ubiquitous use of smartphones, along with the growth of Internet of Things (IoT) devices is driving the increasing demand for APIs, but every business needs real-time services, and feature-rich functionality. In a world where there’s an app for everything, it’s getting harder for businesses to ensure seamless functionality between devices, applications, and individuals. That’s where we come in.

iOCO helps put your API ecosystem where it belongs: At the heart of the organisation, enabling better customer and partner experiences while accelerating digital transformation.

Take digitisation to the next level

Consumers in the digital world are used to quick and effective supply chains and e-commerce channels. The speed to meet their needs depends heavily on industries being able to obtain, provide, and/or handle real-time information. iOCO’s solutions create end-to-end API connections to expose and communicate API data across multiple channels.

iOCO’s API system brings digital capabilities into existing frameworks, helping the business to create and deliver modern experiences to a broader audience.

Delivering a framework on which you can build more effective operations, we provide the flexibility, scalability, and speed modern businesses need to create and develop innovative business models.

Our vendor-agnostic approach ensures your business has access to a broad range of API development packages, revenue models, reports, and payment gateways, with security, analytics, and more, built in. Our solutions have been used in a wide range of industries, including:

Financial services

Accelerate innovation

Gain increased productivity, greater agility, increased speed in meeting line-of-business user demands, and a decrease in operational costs with iOCO’s API ecosystem. By leveraging our API expertise, your business can make connections with new partners, deliver new services, and access new markets that can lead to major transformation, innovation, and massive returns.

Other benefits include:

Increased productivity

Increased innovation

Increased employee engagement
and collaboration

Increased speed in meeting
line-of-business user demands

Greater agility across teams
for self-serve IT

A decrease in operational costs

Revenue growth

Potential for identifying new business
and revenue models

Need help entering the API economy?

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