Taking agile DevOps to the next level

Companies who get their DevSecOps implementations right are twice as likely to meet or exceed their organisational performance goals. They can:

  • Deploy code 208 times more frequently
  • Deploy code 106 times faster
  • Recover from incidents 2,604 times faster
  • Increase employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction
  • Decrease change failure rate by 7 times
  • Gain 106 times faster lead time from commit to deploy stage
  • Reduce time on unplanned work and rework by 22%
  • Gain 6 times more accuracy in estimating operational costs

And yet, 75% of DevOps initiatives will fail to meet expectations – Gartner. The reasons for this range from a lack of collaboration among teams, to unrealistic expectations, to change management challenges. In fact, 71% of CISOs reveal that their stakeholders view security as a roadblock to speed to market, and 52% of developers worry that application security will delay development and threaten deadlines.

Our comprehensive approach to DevSecOps ensures that your organisation can deliver better, more secure code faster and more cost effectively.

An end-to-end solution offering

Our DevSecOps value proposition has been designed to facilitate your digital transformation goals. Including cultural, people, process, infrastructure
and tooling considerations, our end-to-end solution includes advisory and implementation services as well as consulting and technology.

From strategy and planning to tactical solutions devised to help fill any skills gaps you may have, we help with:

  • Release orchestration
  • Policy development
  • Service virtualisation
  • Performance tuning
  • Compliance
  • Test Data Management
  • Security assessments
  • Configuration management
  • Automated integration tests
  • Cloud/Container environments
  • Process management
  • Change management and training

Let us assess your DevSecOps capabilities

Every successful initiative needs the right foundation. Without a maturity assessment to establish a DevSecOps baseline with an action plan, achieving DevSecOps success is that much harder.

From aligning organisational strategy to define goals and establish a realistic ROI, to planning, implementing and measuring a comprehensive DevSecOps roadmap, iOCO’s maturity assessment makes the software delivery lifecycle more effective – and more secure.

Based on IT4IT, SAFE, COBIT, and ITIL frameworks, our maturity assessment covers technical, non-technical and management focus areas to categorise your DevSecOps capabilities.

Simplifying DevSecOps tools

With the sheer number of products on the market, deciding on DevSecOps tooling options can be confusing.
iOCO’s expertise and experience can help guide you through the extensive DevSecOps tools landscape.

Our expertise includes most major OEM’s like AWS, Google, Microsoft, CA Broadcom, IBM, Redhat and OpenText, as well as
mainstream technologies like Jira, Kubernetes, Docker, Selenium, Cucumber and many more – including open source. This is
further supplemented with extensive standards-based SDLC experience that integrates into the industry standard DevOps tooling.

Why iOCO?

Innovative thinking born from a maturity assessment approach
Extensive skills and expertise
Robust, proven approaches that give actionable results

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We’ll work with you to design a roadmap to your XaaS future in alignment with your tactical and strategic business objectives.

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