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Working toward your future of Anything as a Service

The right assets for business

We know that businesses need IT operations that can guarantee availability, security and integrity, as well as the capacity to mobilise, deliver and support the functions they require.

A challenging context

  • IT environments have grown in complexity, which has stunted progress and driven costs up.
  • Managing multiple services from multiple vendors, across exponential disciplines means that IT resources are spending 75% of their time just keeping the lights on.
  • With analytics at the centre of our diagnostic approach and automation approach, we can streamline your services consumption and run your IT.
  • Transform IT operations to a model that simplifies risk, boosts service delivery, and safeguards data wherever it travels.
  • Spend less time managing services and vendors, and more time on building experimental and exploratory capabilities.

We build out new service catalogues to give you and your customers more flexibility, better cost control, enhanced automation and increased service levels in IT.

Taking a client-centric approach to our business

As our clients find their place in a market of commoditised functionality, we make  the best people, skills and competencies available to them to manage any and all aspects of their current technology landscape and their journey into the future with a focus on cloud through the development of performance-driven strategies and outcomes-based models to address business challenges at all stages of the journey.

We’ve realigned our business model and operating structure to put our clients at the heart of our operations.

  • We are a long-established outsourced IT provider, now powered by big data and fit for the cloud era.
  • We help clients to navigate their transformation by creating a two-speed architecture, that blends legacy investments with new, innovative technologies delivered with exceptional service management capabilities.
  • We collaborate with clients to create an organisation-wide capability to respond to change in a sustainable manner.

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iOCO is positioned to deliver next generation infrastructure, data and apps in the form of anything-as-a-service fit for cloud.