Business Analytics

Business Intelligence

Multiple data sources, complex data structures, unreliable data, apathetic users, failing technology, and unrealistic expectations – these are just some of the factors that complicate the conversion of data into accurate and reliable information when it is needed most.

Fortunately, we have been dealing with these obstacles for more than 30 years and have gained invaluable experience in how to overcome them. We follow a systematic, best practice methodology that starts with an engagement to gain a thorough insight into our clients’ business challenges.

This is followed by a complete review of relevant data sources and how these can be brought together, structured and optimised for information delivery in such a way that vastly different information needs can be met.

While applying the appropriate technology plays an important role in the implementation of a sound BI solution, we pay special attention to many other relevant factors – factors which often have the final say in the success or failure of the implementation.

For example, we have learnt to take change management seriously. State-of-the-art technology is doomed to fail if due respect is not paid to addressing the fundamental culture of an organisation and how to manage the impact of information delivery.

By engaging with any of our four main divisions – products and support, consulting, training or outsourcing, clients can set themselves up for BI success.