Utilising advanced technological solutions to drive global success in distribution organisations

Achieving sound local or global distribution reach is imperative for any distributor hoping to survive and thrive in today’s socio-economic climate. Many organisations are failing as they cling to old and outdated legacy systems. These systems drastically reduce efficiency and substantially increase the probability of delays and revenue loss due to human error.

“Today’s distributors require the highest level of support in their distribution processes and procedures. Utilising advanced technological solutions, tailor-made to specific industry requirements, drives improved business productivity and agility,” explains Paul Bouchier, Sales Director at iOCO, within iOCO Software Distribution, the local Infor Master Reseller.

In moving away from outdated legacy systems, organisations can vastly improve the management of business processes. Through innovative solutions, like Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise, distributors are increasing both efficiencies and revenue. With these advanced solutions, businesses are afforded the opportunity for organisational growth and higher quality customer engagement.

It is imperative that distribution organisations of all sizes embrace strong foundational support. “By focusing on the areas that really need attention and employing fit-for-purpose solutions, distributors will increase operational efficiency, intelligence, and productivity,” continues Bouchier.

With this approach comes immense productivity gains and process improvements, driving new business models and continued enhancements. This allows for the strengthening of long-standing businesses and fortifying newer business for future growth. In an industry that is seeing rapid and continual evolutions it is imperative that new business models, products, and regulatory concerns are effectively supported.

As globalisation advances at an increasingly rapid rate, it is essential that organisations utilise a solution that offers multi-site, multi-company, multi-currency, and multi-language solutions. These solutions allow for easily managed and more efficient international operations. “This is crucial for any distribution organisation that wants to operate on a global scale, which is why Infor CloudSuite Distribution Enterprise offers up to 49 localisations and 24 languages,” explains Bouchier.

For optimal functioning across the globe, distribution organisations must utilise solutions that provide flexible and scalable capabilities, ensuring adaptability to new markets and regulatory change. This firmly establishes the business as a leading organisation in the digital age. Investing in advanced digital solutions empowers distribution organisations with increased productivity capabilities, globally. This increase can be seen across operations, workforce, and customer experience.

“It is imperative that distribution organisations operate at the level that global customers have come to expect,” concludes Bouchier. “Utilising advanced global distribution technologies ensures these businesses flourish in the highly competitive landscape of global distribution.”