The Unprecedented ROI Offered by NetSuite SRP

The Unprecedented ROI Offered by NetSuite SRP

Globally, service businesses are being expected to deliver projects timeously with little to no room for error. As technology evolves, businesses are expected to keep up with (and exceed) industry standards. This challenge becomes further complicated by the unnecessary expenditure on technologies that do not provide a real return on investment.

“Many businesses are struggling with delays in the generation of accurate invoices and an increase in account receivable cycles. This could lead to impaired cash flow and revenue leakage. Services businesses are in desperate need of a solution that offers real support with increased ROI,” explains Jaco Hall, Business Unit Manager – NetSuite at Oracle Services at iOCO.

The Key Questions Businesses Are Asking

  • What solution can offer impeccable services while ensuring exceptional ROI?
  • How can invoices be generated timeously in a way that is accurate and reliable?
  • How can cash flow be increased and revenue leakage be decreased?
  • Is it possible to gain organisation-wide visibility for more informed decision making?
  • Is it possible to access vital business information from anywhere in real time?

Enter NetSuite SRP

“We have clearly seen that NetSuite SRP empowers service businesses to achieve unprecedented ROI,” continues Hall. NetSuite SRP offers a unique and tailor-made service that is superior to similar technological solutions in its functionality and adaptability. NetSuite SRP is the first and only end-to-end services resource planning solution currently available to the professional services industry, supporting the entire services business.

NetSuite SRP Has the Answers

NetSuite SRP effectively answers all of the key questions through:

  • Generating unprecedented ROI
  • Offering advanced automated processes that ensure accurate and timeous invoicing
  • Capabilities that support all end-to-end functionalities, ensuring improved processes; increased cashflow; and reduced revenue leakage
  • As a cloud-based solution, organisation wide visibility is accessible in real time, from anywhere, at any time

Delivering True ROI

Proven, statistical ROI gains experienced by organisations utilising NetSuite SRP include:

  • 23% increase in annual revenue per employee
  • 22% increase in annual revenue by billable consultant
  • 15% increase in bid-to-win ratios
  • 3 to 7% increase in project margins

“The statistics show that NetSuite SRP offers service businesses immense benefits, providing them with an advanced and reliable solution that generates a real return on investment,” concludes Hall.

With its advanced financial management and forecasting capabilities NetSuite SRP helps service businesses reduce expenditure and increase return on investment. This fully integrated solution delivers optimum efficiency for the entire service business. The increased visibility available in real time decreases risks and allows for improved decision making. NetSuite SRP generates exceptional value for any sized service business.

Contact Jaco Hall at and let Oracle Services at iOCO help you make the most of NetSuite SRP.