NetSuite and the Value of true Cloud

Modern businesses need an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that is integrated, can scale with future plans, and encourages the tearing down of silos. Enter NetSuite’s superior ERP Cloud solution, proven to support high-growth businesses.

Through an in-depth evaluation, comparing NetSuite, Microsoft and Syspro solutions, the value of a true cloud ERP platform was extracted. The results show that IT Execs the world over are opting for cloud infrastructures that flex with growth, freeing the IT team from complex integrations and upgrades that hamper progress.

IT Executives Express Need for True Cloud ERP

During the evaluation, Oracle NetSuite asked senior IT executives about their technology needs, considering their evaluations of how cloud-based ERP systems are supporting their business.

The result?

In our fast-changing, dynamic environment, IT Execs understand the need to streamline and modernise IT infrastructure to keep up with the pace of innovation.

As a result, it became clear that customers are switching to NetSuite to drive growth, gain real-time visibility into finances and increase business efficiency.

This move is driven by the fact that:

  • Businesses in all industries are under pressure to modernise
  • The cloud has become the genuine standard for modern businesses

True Cloud vs Fake Cloud

Distinguishing between True Cloud and Fake Cloud solutions is an essential step in embracing ERP that can grow as your business does. It’s simple – fake cloud solutions are more expensive, inefficient and not nearly as scalable.

Fake cloud results in:

  • Delayed and painful product upgrades
  • Costly, unstable integrations and customisations
  • Too much downtime and inadequate security and support
  • The need to overbuy/overprovision capacity

Essentially, traditional ERP systems are part of a fragmented, complex IT infrastructure that delivers disruption rather than efficiency. Cloud platforms like NetSuite, on the other hand, simplify business processes and IT – offering advanced Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and Multi-Tenant Architecture.

Choosing ERP: Identify Your Priorities

When evaluating ERP solutions, the first step is to identify the priorities and tools needed to run and grow your business. These include functionalities from ERP to CRM and from inventory management to HRIS. If these functionalities are implemented as disparate solutions, siloed data sources will likely result in bad integrations and codes that don’t talk to teach other.

Remember – you aren’t only evaluating one product, you’re evaluating all the disparate solutions offered within that product, that operate in silos and essentially stand in the way of true integration. The goal should be to grow your business on one, single platform.

Watch this 60-second video and discover how NetSuite solves this problem by putting all business processes onto one single-source solution.

Proven Customer Benefits

NetSuite customers across the globe are enjoying real, measurable benefits, including:

  • Real-time visibility into customer, order and inventory data
  • Custom workflows for unique operational processes
  • Data-driven decision-making by drilling down into streamlined metrics

“We use NetSuite to deliver a holistic, omnichannel experience that drives customer satisfaction and repeat business while streamlining our operational business processes.” – Lovesac, a leading manufacturer and retailer of patented foam-filled furniture.

If you’re ready to make the switch and embrace truly valuable, scalable ERP, contact the Oracle Services team at