Infor human capital management provides reliable people solutions

Human Capital Management (HCM) offers organisations advanced capabilities that provide reliable, real people solutions. These capabilities afford businesses the opportunity to overcome the wide variety of challenges that arise within the realm of managing people at work.

Shanon Ramdaw, Business Development Manager at Infor Services at iOCO, outlines how the Covid-19 pandemic has shaped the work environment, adding further challenges that require even more support. He states that utilising HCM solutions ensures highly effective technology that is easy to implement can be leveraged.

New challenges presented by the Covid-19 pandemic

  • Many organisations have had to move their systems online and employees have started working remotely, posing managerial challenges in terms of monitoring work progress and implementation
  • Organisations within the healthcare and related industries have faced numerous challenges with the rapid need to implement new solutions, often experiencing managerial issues due to the overflow of expectancy and the challenges of being understaffed or unable to manage staff adequately in a crisis environment
  • Although South African organisations have been able to return to work, many employees are still uncomfortable with the risk of exposure that returning to an office environment brings
  • Covid-19 is still incredibly erratic, with the possibility of a second wave or adjusted, more stringent governance procedures looming, organisations must be adaptable and agile enough to respond even in uncertainty

Overcoming challenges to HCM

According to Ramdaw, Infor HCM helps users to overcome previous and newly presented challenges to Human Capital Management by providing reliable people solutions:

  • Infor’s HCM is designed to stay at the forefront of continually changing and evolving technologies and applications that alter the face of workforce management.
  • The HCM Solution combines the full capability of Human Capital Management, Workforce Management, and Talent. This combined approach provides more holistic solutions that give a wider range of in-depth insight and applicability.
  • The design of the cloud based HCM solution has incorporated a strong focus on elements such as capability, deployment, extensibility, and integration.
  • Understanding the depth of challenges faced by the healthcare industry, Infor continues to invest into optimising the HCM solution in order to provide much needed support and efficiency within these organisations.
  • Through providing effective assistance the management of employees working remotely can be effective and efficient. Allowing for high adaptability within the ever evolving and unpredictable circumstances of the workforce.

The HCM Cloud-based solutions offer businesses the opportunity to empower their employees through offering reliable people solutions. “This software has been designed with sophisticated and intuitive technology which delivers streamlined processes with remarkable experiences through replacing complex processes, workflows, and systems.” Concludes Ramdaw

The HCM solutions offer HR professionals the ability to connect business and talent objectives, creating significant value across the organisation.

For more information about how to implement HCM for reliable people solutions, please contact Shanon Ramdaw at