Huge TNS benefits from move to Qlik Sense SaaS

CASE STUDY: Huge TNS benefits from move to Qlik Sense SaaS


Who is the customer? Huge TNS

What was sold? Qlik Sense SaaS

When was it sold? 2023

Where is it deployed

From client perspective – regionally

From Qlik perspective – AWS Europe Region located in Ireland


About Huge TNS:

Huge TNS was born out of the dynamic and trailblazing business combination of Huge Telecom and Huge Networks, creating a force to be reckoned with in the telecoms world. Huge Telecom made history by pioneering the GSM voice connectivity industry in South Africa, and for over three decades it has been providing unparalleled voice services to its customers.


After using QlikView for more than 10 years in an on-premise version, Huge TNS needed a better way to manage costs without losing access to its intellectual property or the powerful data analysis capabilities on which it had come to rely.


Huge TNS Business Goals/challenges:

During this time, the company had built up a significant amount of intellectual property in the system. “We had become particularly reliant on the insights, analysis and reporting that QlikView provided,” says Randy Johnson, Data Analyst, Huge TNS.

Over the years, Huge TNS had acquired numerous additional licences in an effort to expand the product’s reach across the organisation. The pinnacle of this expansion occurred during a country-wide project to change its technology supplier. To do this required the coordination of hardware changes at around 16 000 client sites.

To implement this massive change, all departments relied on QlikView’s capabilities to visualise complex data sets in order to understand the complexities of the operation and coordinate activities. With QlikView’s assistance, the project was completed in only three months.

However, once the project was completed, there was less need for widespread use of the software, and only key staff and management remained as regular users.

“We realised that there was a disconnect between the active users and the cost of all the acquired licences,” explains Johnson.


The Solution:

  • What was chosen: Qlik Sense Software-As-a-Service(SaaS)
  • Why it was chosen: To reduce fixed licence and infrastructure cost and enable scalability when required for large projects.
  • Deployment time: It’s important to note that this was not simply a push of a button, or a “lift and shift” exercise but rather a combined effort between Huge TNS and its selected BI partner, iOCO.
  • Result: Access to the latest version of the software at all times while reducing operational costs.
  • Operational Benefit: Greater scalability of solution as and when required.
  • Cost of Ownership: Immediate reduction in indirect costs (setting up and maintaining infrastructure and managing software updates).


With the assistance of iOCO, activating the cloud tenant was quick, literally taking minutes. Some configurations still had to be set up, including security, roles and how entitlements(licenses) were distributed.

“In the initial configuration, I was provided with options on how we would like to access our data. This was done from a Management Console which does indicate that from a Software as a Service perspective there is still a management component that you as a customer control,” says Johnson.

He points out that when looking at SaaS solutions, it is necessary first to review one’s own data strategy. Important issues to resolve would include: How should people consume, access and move data? Will the data reside on premise, or will we allow it to move into our cloud tenant?

“Fortunately, Qlik provided alternatives that allowed us to test and implement the various options,” he says.

When it comes to calculating the total cost of ownership, Johnson says it is crucial to factor in indirect spend plus a focus on infrastructure costs. Huge TNS was quite surprised when the TCO of the old on-premise environment was compared to the Cloud SaaS solution. The cost and headache of managing an infrastructure that included a data centre, multiple servers and so on, and the ongoing software updates, is eliminated. In addition, Huge TNS now has access to the latest version releases and their new capabilities and functionalities—with no downtime or weekends spent implementing upgrades.

“One can see an immediate saving on indirect costs, but in addition we now have access to functionality that was previously an add-on cost,” says Johnson.


The business benefits:

QlikView had already become an essential tool for analysing data to derive business insights, but moving to Qlik Sense SaaS meant that the company can benefit from the latest improvements as they are launched. This, in turn, will drive the use of data to support decision-making across the organisation, while the SaaS model makes it easy to accommodate additional users as required.

The SaaS model makes it easier to manage costs and shifts expenses from the capital balance sheet to the operational one.

For Huge TNS, the imperative was to reduce its ongoing licence costs while retaining its intellectual property, logic, and reporting within Qlik. Johnson and his team took the problem to iOCO Data Analytics Solutions, a Qlik Elite Partner in Africa and Huge TNS’ long-standing partner.

After discussing the options, Huge TNS elected to move to Qlik Sense, which offers a cloud-based, software-as-a-service (SaaS) solution. Because it is cloud-based, Qlik Sense SaaS offers maximum flexibility and scalability when it comes to storing, transforming, and analysing corporate data. In particular, SaaS would allow Huge TNS to scale up use of the technology for future big projects without having to purchase new licences.

A major advantage for Huge TNS was that while the new solution meant it was accessing the latest version of Qlik at all times, the back-end logic and overall user interface remained familiar.

Johnson says that access to the latest version of Qlik in the cloud environment has solved many of the issues the company had previously experienced using a less-current version on premise. His overall conclusion is that while the shift to the SaaS model was not without its challenges, the benefits continue to be substantial. In particular, the recent introduction of Tabular Reporting has made standard reporting much easier and fulfils a requirement for those employees who need to generate simple reports without analysis.



Huge TNS now has a convenient and cost-effective way to consolidate, store and analyse its growing body of customer and operational data, and to make insights visible and easily actionable by managers. By moving to Qlik Sense SaaS, it is able to manage the ongoing costs of what has become an essential software programme, while ensuring it can scale up users when a large project requires it.

Going forward, Huge TNS envisages that, thanks to the adoption of the SaaS model with its innate flexibility, Qlik will grow in importance to the company. Because it will now have automatic access to the latest versions of the software, and as more intelligent data models and applications are launched, it will become progressively useful to a wider spectrum of users across a range of device types.


About iOCO Data Analytics:  

iOCO Data Analytics Solutions is a Qlik Elite Partner in South Africa and Africa, and winner of the “Best Performing Qlik Partner of the Year 2021” award for the region. It is a division of iOCO Qlik, which provides an end-to-end, real-time data integration and analytics cloud platform to close the gaps between data, insights, and action. By transforming data into Active Intelligence, businesses can drive better decisions, improve revenue and profitability, and optimize customer relationships.

Qlik does business in more than 100 countries and serves over 50,000 customers around the world.



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