Hybrid workforce digital applications

Business & Worklow Platform

CEREBRO is our business and workflow platform which empowers the integrated management of core business processes, often in real-time and mediated by software and technology. The functionality within the platform allows for different business processes to be configured - they include (but are not limited to) Quality Assurance, Human Resource Management (HRM), Learning Management, Support Services, Project Management and Performance Management.

Employee Super App

We are leveraging our full armory to create an integrated, digitally-empowered, ecosystem that enables awesome, frictionless productive experiences for the workforce of the future through one employee Super App.

Teams portal integration

Microsoft Teams master portal design and integration into enterprise applications systems. Just because your teams are apart, doesn’t mean you can’t bring them together. Give them everything they need, from a single, integrated interface - the Microsoft Teams information and collaboration hub. Help your teams work remotely without feeling remote.

Employee onboarding

We believe you should be serving your Employee, from day zero with technology. We will build an integrated backend enabling an improved employee experience, through a user-friendly conversational interface, with additional benefits including ddvanced self service enabled through automation. We also offer advanced zero-touch identifty verification and background checks.

Knowledge management solutions

SharePoint is a team collaboration tool to encourage and empower your teams to work together. It allows you to share files, data, news and information quickly and seamlessly.

Self-service automation chatbots and integration into employee application

Delivery of remote touch services to deploy Operating Systems according to companay standarnds and configurations. Utilising role based access control (RBAC) to determine the appropriate configuation and subsequent application delivery. Delivver through Self Service capabilities and automed chatbots to allow employee's to request new applications and services.

HR system integration

Employees waste time managing different data across multiple systems to manage their day-to-day personal information and experience. Businesses have mutliple employee disparate systems. Often the data is not in sync. To streamline and improve this experience we can integrate these systems with a modern integration platform.

CORE Digital Procurement Platform

CORE is a fully digitised procurement marketplace that provides a full view of all products and services that can be procured with a simple click to buy shopping cart methodology.

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