We exist to solve.

Remote-first companies will lead the new world of work with increased efficiencies both operationally and economically. Together we can solve for COVID-19 and the biggest workplace revolution in history.

iOCO is your digital journey partner in an exponential future.

Together as South Africans, we can, through our creativity and entrepreneurial spirit deliver rapid-impact solutions that protect our county’s workforce and contribute towards rebuilding the South African economy.

Stephen van Coller, Group CEO

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Lakeside Remote Work Planning and Performance Monitoring

Aptronics and Lakeside Software are providing a FREE Remote Work Planning and Performance Monitoring solution to empower your IT team to monitor and support employees, no matter where they are.

Broadcom Clarity Client Automation

CA Client Automation provides critical functionality to your support teams when they cannot access the physical device.

BeyondTrust Remote Support

Provide instant, reliable remote support to end-users and customers on or off your network with a free 90-day license for BeyondTrust’s Remote Support solution.

BeyondTrust Privileged Access Management

Privileged access management is one of the most effective, preventative steps you can take to bolster your security and reduce your attack surface.

Broadcom Advanced Authentication

Using context-based risk analysis and multifactor credentials, Broadcom Advanced Authentication reduces your exposure to data breaches, inappropriate access, and identify theft, without impacting the user experience.