REFLEX™ is a comprehensive product that converts SAP Classic Finance to FLEX-GL (NewGL).

Released in 2007, this product was developed to rebuild Flex.GL with a high-performance posting engine, for customers with a high level of financial line items. Reflex also contains an advanced configuration guide to Flex/GL making the implementation from configuration to migration achievable with a small but strong implementation team. Reflex was later used to implement mSCOA with Funds Management FMGL. A successful product with numerous customers and partners.

REFLEX is a solution for:

  • Companies wanting to implement SAP Flex/GL in an existing ECC Classic Finance system can use REFLEX to build or rebuild FLEX/GL.
  • Companies wanting to implement additional ECC Flex/Ledgers or S/4 Extension Ledgers in the Universal Ledger can do so with REFLEX.