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SIAMEASE™ is a SAP Automation Tool for the automation of business processes, data migration, testing, training and/or data maintenance.



Built to drastically simplify Data Migration into SAP through automation. It also extends capability into Process Automation, Testing and Process Simplification. Originally released in 1977, this product has had several upgrades as SAP has progressed. What sets this product aside is that it operates within SAP, has strong data management, and can be automated across a complete business process.


SIAMEASE is a solution for:

  • Companies wanting to execute easy, user-driven data migrati on can do so with Siamease.
  • Companies wanting to define and automate business process test scripts can do so with Siamease.
  • Companies wanting to automate repetitive tasks or simplify data capture can do so with Siamease.


  • ECC SAP Customers can automate SAP transactions without requiring SAP technical skill.
  • Siamease operates within SAP and generates ABAP solutions that can either be executed by users or can be system driven.
  • Siamease is a multi-functional tool assisting wherever automation is needed. This could be in the automation of configuration steps, setup of master data, data migration or data maintenance.
  • Siamease can be used to prepare data for training. Usually, training in one module requires assistance from other modules, to prepare the preliminary document flow leading to the point where testing begins.
  • Siamease manages processes, the transactions within that process as well as the data and data flow between transactions.
  • The automation of repetitive tasks or tasks requiring automated guidance can be embedded into the standard transaction and made available through the menu. Reducing the need for additional authorisation to execute automated tasks.
  • Siamease does not require any development or technical skills. The automation can be set up by support staff with only SAP functional knowledge.


  • The product is sold as a license per site covering DEV, QA and PRD and does not limit who uses the product.
  • The product does have a license activation with iOCO to enableFull use or Trial POC licenses.

Feature Summary

SIAMEASE provides several features.

  • Automation of SAP transaction Codes
  • Automation of Business Processes
  • Receive data and request workflow approval before posting.
  • Custom-built functions or formula can be used to manipulate input data.
  • Test script with automated transaction steps as well as documented manual steps.
  • Validation of test results with auditable results.
  • Project Management of Data Migration project
  • Automation of Configuration, Master Data, Transaction Data, and data with variable line items per header.
  • Automation of custom-built transactions.
  • Transport management.
  • Data conversion rules.
  • Automatic data corrections and data validations.
  • Automation of transactions from SAPGUI screens, IDOCs, RFC’s and background processes.


Siamease automates from within ABAP and drives the SAP ABAP transaction. Siamease execution is available from within the SAP transaction and does not require additional authorisation to execute predefined automation for that transaction. Automation is defined in a Dev/Test environment and migrated to Production through a standard Transport.
Siamease can execute automatic corrections to data, with approval as well as automatic validations on input data. Additional functions can be defined if advanced or complex logic is required in the data upload. Data from within SAP is available to these functions to enable mappings and conversions using SAP tables or custom tables. Conversions can be defined once and reused against multiple automation.
Siamease can manage simple transactions as well as complex scenarios. Scenarios can be defined where transactions are captured differently based on the data uploaded. Header with line-item transactions can be used where multiple line items are loaded against a single transaction call.

Multiple automation can be merged to form complex automation.

Siamease can request permission to post certain data. This is done through a workflow. Governance checks can be implemented. These can be cross-system enabled as well as system automated.
Siamease is trained through the SAP standard transactions. The user needs to only know how their transactions work to set up an automation.
Siamease can automate transactions with pre-saved scenario/test data. This allows the support or training team to set up business scenarios for subsequent testing or user training.

Siamease allows business processes to be defined, therein the data flow from one transaction to others can be defined. Volume Test data can be stored for any given business step to ensure that the test covers multiple business scenarios.

Results are stored and are auditable. Predefined checks can be defined to verify that the test is working during the test run.

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