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CCH Tagekit is a leading Corporate Performance Management Solution that ranks as a leader in the Gartner Quadrant for Cloud Financial close solutions. CCH Tagetik is trusted by Finance Leaders in business to provide a single unified platform for faster close, more forward-looking planning and in-depth analytics.

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Gain Insights, Drive Business and Create Value

CCH Tagetik’s Finance Transformation Platform, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, provides a unified platform that connects finance and operations and streamlines a business’s consolidation & close, planning, reporting & analytics, disclosures and compliance. Through one solution, all financial processes can be completed, and information needed to gain better insights, make faster decisions, and drive your business in the best direction can be accessed.

Why iOCO

With iOCO as your digital journey partner, enabling digital transformation and drive strategy with a unified finance platform that delivers faster financial processes and a complete view of your entire organization.

Solutions that add value

Budget Planning and Forecasting

Respond to change with speed and agility. By unifying all your plans, processes, and data in a single solution that's built for finance, you’ll align financial and operational activities company-wide. The result? True integrated business planning across all industries and departments. With CCH Tagetik powered by the Analytic Information Hub, you'll go beyond basic planning. Boost your planning processes by bringing together granular financial and operational data to plan more often and more in-depth. Use driver-based modelling to turn granular insights into actionable information.  With CCH Tagetik, you'll save time, improve operational efficiency and elevate performance.

Financial Close & Consolidation

Speed up your financial close, while keeping pace with evolving accounting standards. Manage complex global requirements in a consolidation workflow that streamlines processes from end-to-end, from local close to group consolidation to regulatory reporting and disclosure. The Analytic Information Hub centralizes all granular financial and non-financial data to enable integrated reporting  and a faster close.  With a single trusted source of information, you can confidently use consolidated data in all other financial processes – Budgeting, Planning & Forecasting , Reporting and Disclosure. 

Financial Reporting

Accelerate financial and management reporting with the CCH Tagetik Collaborative Office for reporting. The solution combines familiar reporting tools with real-time data, automation, and financial intelligence. CCH Tagetik, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, centralizes all corporate data in a single trusted source that seamlessly integrates with Microsoft Office. To ensure your reports are always consistent, they dynamically update with the most recent data and narrative when changes occur. Our self-service tool enables all users to slice, dice, drill, and transform data to produce value-added analysis. Your team can collaborate easily using a built-in workflow, centralized data source, and versioning controls. Whether you’re creating the annual report, budget book, or earnings presentation, you'll always have confidence that your data is correct and consistent.

Disclosure Management

CCH Tagetik, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, takes the human effort — and human error — out of the last mile of finance. Our solution automatically populates the latest results into reports, giving you the confidence that your annual filings, board books, and management presentations are up-to-date with the latest numbers. Whether you’re creating financial, statutory, or management disclosures, our end-to-end platform automates all checks and balances, while normalizing and validating data. The result? Your disclosures are accurate, consistent, and compliant with the IFRS or multi-GAAP you’re subject to. You’ll spend less time verifying disclosures, and more time on value added activities, like analysis.

Compliance Regulatory Reporting

Inputs, narratives, validations, updates, approvals, audits — meeting compliance doesn’t have to be an obstacle course. CCH Tagetik makes regulatory reporting simple for the Office of the CFO. CCH Tagetik, powered by the Analytic Information Hub, brings granular financial and operational data together in a single source so you can easily locate relevant data and prepare it in accordance with regulations. The unified software comes complete with pre-built compliance solutions — Lease Accounting, IFRS 17, iXBRL, and more — that streamline your regulatory reporting process. Each compliance solution includes configurable report templates, a process workflow, requirement-specific calculation logic. As with all CCH Tagetik products, the compliance solutions automatically cascade real-time data into reports. With disclosures that are easily audited, verifiably accurate, and completely trusted, you can be confident that your reports are 100% compliant, 100% of the time.

Advanced Analytics & Dashboarding

CCH Tagetik powered by the Analytic Information Hub brings together diverse, granular data to give you visibility into the impacts of operational change on financial performance. The result? You can analyze performance and take action by performing what-if analysis and visualizing real-time trends trends on graphic dashboards. No scenario is too complex, no insight too deep. With CCH Tagetik, you can build detailed driver-based models specific to any industry, department, or dimension. Tagetik’s high-performance data engine quickly processes complex multi-dimensional scenarios and uses predictive analytics. Make more accurate, data-driven decisions to accelerate business value with CCH Tagetik.

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