Stay ahead of cyber threats

With new threats emerging every day, the risks for companies without effective threat protection have never been higher. This has become even more apparent as companies continue to enable their remote workforces.

F-Secure iOCO

Recent research has found that hybrid and distance workers are a significant problem for security teams. Over the past year, around 20% of companies dealt with security issues as a result of remote working activities. More worryingly, 18% admitted that security and vulnerability management wasn’t a priority for their remote employees.

Together, iOCO and WithSecure ensure that your entire organisation is protected against the threats out there. Embedding layers of security across the entire environment, we help you improve visibility, detect breaches quickly, and respond fast if you do come under attack.

Unified endpoint protection

The vast majority of breaches start with the endpoint, so keeping them protected is key. With the shift to remote work, this is more challenging than ever. Effective endpoint security requires an easy way to identify and prioritise risks, reduce your attack surface, and stop breaches before they happen.

iOCO and WithSecure provide targeted threat protection, blocking advanced, automated and targeted threats like ransomware, exploits and fileless attacks. Offering a complete endpoint protection platform, we help keep your endpoints protected, wherever they may be.

Our endpoint protection solution provides:

Advanced anti-malware and patch management, guaranteeing no disruptions.
Extra security layer so you never get locked out of data or devices.
Shared community-sourced data across devices to prevent zero-day attacks.
The ability to block up to 80% of attacks with automatic patching for Windows and 3rd party software.

Vulnerability management

Providing a comprehensive vulnerability management system, iOCO and WithSecure ensure you get a risk-based view of your whole attack surface, from the network, to software, to web apps, so you can find, prioritise and fix known, unknown and potential vulnerabilities before they’re exploited.

Scanning the organisation’s network and the deep web to sniff out vulnerabilities and provide immediate alerts, our vulnerability management tool automatically can report activities like brand violations, third-party scams and phishing sites.

Collect data from all your endpoints

Discovery scans let you map all hosts and network devices in your infrastructure

Vulnerability scans uncover risks in your infrastructure like known software vulnerabilities or misconfigurations that can lower the security of your systems

Central vulnerability management through a single console with automated detection and reporting

PCI DSS compliance

Vulnerability scanning

Endpoint detection and response

Award-winning threat protection system

From vulnerability management and collaboration protection to endpoint protection, our solution offers advanced threat protection to help you detect and respond to increasingly sophisticated and targeted attacks. Cloud-based, our threat protection system makes management easy, lowering costs and keeping your business safe from modern cyber threats.

Providing a single security console for complete visibility, iOCO and WithSecure put everything you need for comprehensive threat protection into a single pane of glass, including asset prioritisation, vulnerability identification, patch management, and incident detection, to name a few. Our award-winning all-in-one security solution covers the whole security value chain, ensuring resilience and boosting your company’s cyber security posture.

This holistic approach to cybersecurity is one of the reasons that WithSecure has consistently been presented with the AV Test award for best protection. Numerous other awards and accolades include:

• Gartner Peer Insights Customer Choice for Vulnerability Assessment
• SC Awards Best Endpoint Security
• Endorsements by MITRE and PCI

Need help preventing cyber breaches?

iOCO and WithSecure ensure you have access to a vulnerability management solution tailored to your needs.