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Enhance your data infrastructure with
real time data integration

Data challenges aren’t about the lack of data but the inability to turn data into usable information for decision-making. Many companies sit on data goldmines without the data management tools to find, understand, or use them. As a company grows, so does its data, creating a snowball effect of inaccessible and unusable data.

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Why are data integration tools so important?

According to Forbes, over 80% of Business Operations leaders agree that data integration is critical to daily business operations, 67% of organisations rely on data integration to enhance analytics and business intelligence (BI) platforms, and 65% prefer cloud or hybrid platforms to manage data governance.

Data management isn’t merely about organisational insight but also customer, employee, and company data security, placing significant responsibility on organisations to maintain data integrity.

Together with iOCO, Talend helps you find and maintain complete, clean, uncompromised data through real-time data integration, ETL tools, data governance, and a customer data platform.

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Unify and conquer

Diverse data sources complicate data collection, compromising the relevance and speed needed to compile insightful information. Using a consolidated approach, we combine real time data integration, transformation, and data mapping to automate quality checks and ensure relevant data collection.

Our high-level Talend Data Fabric restores, profiles, and masks data in real time while automating ETL tools to accelerate data collection. The data profiling feature instantly identifies data quality issues, hidden patterns, and inconsistencies while machine learning recommends solutions to address them, ensuring your data flow stays relevant and accurate.

However, many business leaders aren’t necessarily skilled at implementing these recommendations, so we designed a user-friendly self-service interface that enables company-wide collaboration between business and technical users.

These systems can accommodate any data type, source, and destination, from real time data flows to cloud data warehouses and complex multi-cloud projects, simplifying data integration, sharing, and quality on a single platform. While all your data processes run automatically, your analysts can focus on more urgent and meaningful tasks.

Most importantly, its quality and real time data integration tools ensure compliance with internal and external data privacy and protection regulations, minimising bad data from entering your systems and maximising data efficiency.

And when data integration gets challenging, iOCO and Talend offer consulting and support services to help accelerate digital transformation.

Trust in healthy data

When it comes to business decisions, the slightest inaccuracy can compromise outcomes. Trusting your data integrity and governance is crucial to gaining confidence and control over your business.

Using our unified platform, we detangle chaotic data so you can find, consolidate, and share data confidently. Automated quality checks, browser-based sharing, data catalogues, inventory, and preparation put actionable and trusted insights at your fingertips.

Our data governance processes manage your data availability, usability, integrity, and security, ultimately giving you the tools you need to make sound business decisions while building a better digital experience for you and your organisation.

Just as trust should be at the core of your business, we ensure trust is at the heart of your data integrity and governance.

That’s where Talend Trust Score™ comes in. Our solution is the first and only to combine data integration and data integrity within a single platform. Connecting people, data, and machine learning technology allows us to access, monitor, and fix your data while giving you complete visibility to make insightful business decisions.

Know exactly where your data comes from, how it’s being used, and if it’s reliable with data quality, popularity, and user-defined ratings.

Understand the validity of your data with:

Clear reports on where your data comes from and how it’s being used and modified

Diagnostics and advice that identifies and remediates
incomplete, corrupt, or untrustworthy data

Data sharing validation, trends,
curation, comments, and tags

Embedded data
quality checks

Automated dataset
review and indexing

Streamlined application and API integration

Implementing APIs and microservices not only streamlines DevOps but also lowers operational costs. With iOCO and Talend API integration, your teams can build new projects using a single platform, ultimately increasing productivity and speed-to-market.

In addition, our solution runs any integration style, supports the entire API lifecycle, and provides an intuitive interface with visuals, integration patterns, routes, and data mapping.

Minimise disruption with back-end optimisation

As the business world evolves, companies need accurate and complete customer profiles that provide critical information.

Our master data solution assists organisations with large amounts of data to manage files and documents through simplified and effective organisational structures.

Apart from delivering data and analytics services, iOCO aims to become an extension of your business by offering advice and support every step of the way.


We provide master data solutions that deliver:

Optimised data management

Increased ROI and IT agility

Enhanced revenue and customer retention

Automated dataset
review and indexing

Increased scalability and contact-ability

Optimised existing data

Efficient data management

Ready to trust your data?

iOCO and Talend can help keep your data in good condition across the organisation.

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