Your aide towards privacy compliance and/or ISO certification

Simply click-and-drag to create and maintain a system that encompasses information security, privacy management, and advisory.

A best-practice approach to cyber risk management that can be adopted by all businesses, large and small.

Spotica is a minimalistic and integrated cloud-based solution that provides step-by-step advisories to guide executives, managers, and technical specialists in carrying out their respective duties towards information security and data privacy.

CyberSecurity myths that could be harming your business

A misunderstanding of what does and does not protect your digital footprint can lead to devastating breaches. It’s time to bust the myths and get back to better protection. Have you heard or said any of the following myths about cybersecurity? These are the factors that contribute to the statistics.

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Facing any of these challenges?

  • You need to be privacy compliant (aka ISO 27 701) but not sure where to start?
  • Digital transformation is adding vulnerabilities faster than the ability to implement security protection?
  • Manual and cumbersome reporting for the Audit and Risk committees?
  • Challenge in aligning the information security and/or privacy agenda across the IT domains?
  • Scarce availability and cost of Security skilled specialists?
  • Too many complex security frameworks and standards to make sense of?
  • You are planning to implement ISO 27001, or you have implemented ISO 27001 and it is a nightmare to maintain?
Harness intelligent technologies like AI, machine learning, the Internet of Things (IoT), and advanced analytics.

The Spotica Solution
Simple and intuitive in design

Spotica enables management to quickly adjust the Security and Privacy strategy, based on dynamic business intelligence. It is one of the only holistic IT management systems that offer integrated step-by-step advisories. The Advisories in Spotica’s digital CISO module is based on

  • ISO 27001 – Information Security Management
  • ISO 27701 – Privacy Information Management
  • OCTAVE – Risk Management
  • SCF – Control Framework
  • As well as other standards which enable you to manage risks proactively while setting you on the path towards ISO certification.

The Innovative solution lies in the Advanced Knowledge Engine (back-end machine learning) which smartly utilizes these standards to create a solution that is backed by best-of-breed insurance products. With Spotica, you can apply for a unique Cyber insurance product from one of our partners, giving you the added benefit of



IT Recovery

Solution Benefits

Board IT Agenda

Guides the Board IT agenda

Reduce Price

Reduce the requirement of using costly specialist engineers through the intelligent association of the internal skills with embedded knowledge in the sophisticated core engine.

Gain Efficiencies

Manage the organization on a standardised framework across the enterprise.

Next-Generation Analytics

Enable critical decisions and actions to be taken through the use of Next-Generation Analytics which provides valuable insights in real-time to the right people at the right time and the right level.

Manage Performance

Simplify the integration and/or capturing of data by guiding the system's users- tasks with a role-based workflow engine.

Improve Quality

Create efficiencies and improves quality within IT, including but not limited to the CIO and CISO.

What sets Spotica apart?

Information Security Advisories

Spotica makes use of its knowledge engine and system-wide data to derive company-specific recommendations that are used to guide each role on what needs to be done to secure the business.

Risk Engine

At its core, Spotica reduces a multitude of risks into a smaller list that makes the risks easier to understand and manage. Additionally, it translates complex standards and technical jargon into role-specific everyday workplace language.

Compliance Made Easy

Spotica is designed to replace the rudimentary ISO 27001 systems that are still widely in use today. The advanced Spotica workflow engine drives the timeous and accurate completion of all tasks, through a simplified and highly intuitive user interface.