Squaring the software security circle

Squaring the software security circle

Veracode is using artificial intelligence to make applications more secure – at the speed of business. Two hacks over the last 12 months in South Africa – at the Companies and Intellectual Property Commission of South Africa (CIPC) and a famous retailer – illustrate yet again how urgent is the need for a multi-layered approach to security,... Continue reading

Fighting AI with AI Hero Banner

Fighting AI with AI

By Callan Abrahams, Principal AI Consultant, iOCO It’s every business leader’s worst nightmare: You wake up on a Friday morning to discover that you supposedly approved a R35 million payment, and the money has been removed from your company’s bank account. Your staff swears they spoke to you, but you never authorised any transactions. The... Continue reading

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Talent Acquisition 2.0: rethinking strategies to attract the future of digital

By: Candice Solomons, Business Executive at iOCO Digital Talent Driven by disruption and innovation, the digital landscape is evolving at breakneck speed. As exhilarating as this era of transformation can be, the uncertainty of the future is equally nerve-wracking. More businesses are waking up to the realisation that achieving their digital ambitions does not depend... Continue reading

Weak AI vs strong AI

Weak AI vs strong AI

From chatbots to predictive analytics, and from recognition systems to autonomous vehicles, AI is penetrating most industries. Despite the fact that the technology is in its infancy, relatively speaking, AI is developing exponentially, and while we haven’t yet made a machine intelligent enough that it can handle any general cognitive task in any setting, we... Continue reading

Substituting Chaos for Control: An Excel Solution

Substituting Chaos for Control: An Excel Solution

In today’s fast-paced business world, where data dictates key decisions, Microsoft Excel has been a faithful ally for decades. Its utility spans from straightforward budget sheets to complex financial modeling. Yet, as businesses grow and data complexities mount, Excel’s limits come sharply into focus—slowing down processes, causing crashes, and even risking data loss. Such setbacks... Continue reading

Eliminate the security chaos

Eliminate the Security Chaos

CISOs and CIOs increasingly adopt information security management systems to improve their security posture and manage it going forward. A quick internet search on the current cyber threat landscape will yield any number of gloomy statistics. Add to that the fact that artificial intelligence (AI) is expected to give already well-resourced cyber criminals even more... Continue reading

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Redefining the narrative: taking ownership for building the future of digital talent

By: Candice Solomons, Business Executive at iOCO Digital Talent The global digital skills shortage isn’t breaking news. We know that the more businesses embrace technology-driven transformation, the harder it will be to find and keep digital talent. Without the right skills, the digital ambitions of many enterprises will remain just that: ambitions. Competitive edge will... Continue reading