Data Management

We understand that quality data is fundamental to all fact-driven decisions. Thatu2019s why we place high importance on a holistic approach to building, enriching and managing your analytics data platforms. u200b

Warehouse Design

We pride ourselves on designing and delivering world-class data warehouses, following a pragmatic approach that is centred on Ralph Kimball’s dimensional designs, with elements of Bill Inmon’s enterprise data warehouse ideas.

ETL and integration

“A single version of the truth.” That’s the plaintiff cry we hear from many a frustrated business user. While this has long been the promise of BI, the real work starts much further back…

Data governance

It’s all about the data. That old chestnut – garbage in, garbage out – is made even more visible by the wealth of visualisation and prediction software out there.

Managed services

How reliable are your data sources, the very information you rely on for decision-making?