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Accelerating your digital strategy with MySQL

Tue, Nov 9, 2021 7:00 AM - 8:00 AM GMT

Ron Heg Field Manager, Laszlo Ludas Alliances Manager, Michele Peruch EOH

A short review of the recent Community and Commercial Database Updates Carsten Thalheimer Master Princ Consultant

Where we are today... Carsten

Early 2020 Oracle introduced the MySQL Database Service (MDS) built on Oracle Gen 2 Cloud Infrastructure and MySQL 8. It is 100% developed, managed, and supported by the Oracle MySQL team.

The service is available as a fully-managed service in all commercial regions of the Oracle Cloud. Customers do not need to deploy, patch, update, backup or restore a MySQL instance - all processes are covered as part of the Cloud operation.

Administrative tasks are pushed to the OCI web console and/or via the OCI Command line.

In this presentation we are looking into ways on how to “setup” a MySQL Instance and how to work with MySQL instances based on the GUI and the Command Line (OCI).

As part of this we are looking into the specifics of the available my.cnf / Configuration, CPU/Memory Shapes, Disk and Network options.

Furthermore, we are looking into typical usage scenarios like How to migrate MySQL data to the MDS, High Availability  Scenarios and How to configure Replication from anywhere to MDS.

The presentation includes a couple of small demos to showcase the usage of MySQL on an introduction level.

Extreme Performance, Cloud Scale, Significant Cost Savings.

Since 2020 the MySQL development team is offering a fully managed database service of the MySQL Enterprise Edition. Traditionally MySQL InnoDB is designed for online transaction processing (OLTP) load. MySQL can cover online analytics processing (OLAP) load, but it is often rather slow and tricky.

Beginning of December 2020, the MySQL team started a second MySQL Cloud offering called MySQL HeatWave for Real-time Analytics which is based on a new in-memory analytic accelerator which has been designed for extreme performance and cloud scale. This service provides a single, unified platform for both OLTP and OLAP workloads. It can scale to several hundreds of cores and provides around 400x speedup over MySQL for analytic workloads and enables scalable analysis over tens of terabytes of MySQL data. Customers can now run all their OLTP and analytics workloads with MySQL without the need to move their data out of MySQL or without requiring any change to their application.

In this presentation we provide an overview about what is going on under the hood and will support our slides with a demo of the technology.

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