Recognise the signs that it’s time for a NEW ERP

Over the years, small to mid-sized businesses have pieced together disparate systems to run their operations. This approach to infrastructure lacks many of the capabilities that companies need, provides limited visibility into essential business information and will not enable companies to adapt to changing market conditions and new business models. 

You need an ERP that will enable your rapidly growing businesses to sustain and accelerate growth! 

Netsuite has worked with businesses of all sizes across all geographies for years, who face similar challenges in dealing with systems that are outdated or they’ve outgrown. 

Avoid missing the below triggers indicating that its time to move to Netsuite - the #1 cloud ERP for all companies

Hard to find out what's really happening across the business in real-time

Having to manually enter and reconcile data across multiple systems

Sales are lost because employees can't get information to where it is needed fast enough

More accounting is done outside of the financial system than in it

The business spends too much time worrying about IT instead of focusing on business results

Netsuite recognises the fact that companies are experiencing these challenges and therefor applies deep industry expertise to help organizations define, understand, and articulate industry-leading practices. 

As businesses grow, it is clear that a better solution is needed, but the path forward isn’t always well defined. Here are some best practices that can smooth the path to your cloud journey:

Reduce the burden on limited IT resources - Cloud solutions eliminate the need to maintain on-premises hardware and software. The cloud also enables mobility, since workers can access the application anytime, anywhere and from any device

A single cloud-based platform eliminates data and integration issues - Dual data entry is eliminated, since all information is stored in a single, centralized data repository. A suite solution enables companies to start with the basics and add functionality as needed

Take time to understand business needs and requirements - Growing companies often believe they are saving money by not spending the time to understand and capture business requirements. Unfortunately, this can lead to selecting the wrong solution

Hire a partner to help with data migration - Regardless of what platform a company adopts, it can be helpful to find a suitable partner to migrate data and perform checks and balances before the system goes live

Is your company experiencing any of these challenges? If so, now might be the time to explore a modern cloud ERP like NetSuite.

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