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Visualise an Intelligent Contact Centre

Do you run an insights-driven contact centre?

Gain deeper visibility to drive the strategic and tactical direction essential in managing a world-class customer care environment.

What if:

  • you knew how hold time and transfers affected abandoned calls?
  • agents are placing calls on hold so that they can accept more calls within SLA?
  • you could understand the effects of a team reshuffle?
  • you could pro-actively intervene in contacting very high repeat callers?
  • you could identify training needs pro-actively?
  • you could know for sure whether first call resolutions were really resolved?

A one-stop data insights team

Deliver robust levels of value to your business

Let our Insights Foundry Team of experts use your data to shed light on the hidden trends and relationships that impact the ability to thrive in today's contact centre.

We will look for outliers and correlations, and highlight areas of potential growth or inefficiencies.

Just think

A group of data nerds and industry specialists ready to take-on your raw data.

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An expert team

Cloud Architecture, ETL (Extract, Transform, Load), Data Architecture, Business Analysis, Visualization, Data Analysis, Automation, Data Science, Agile Development, Project Management.

Provide IT services that meet each users’ expectations and requirements


No need for software licensing or hardware requirements. We will host, organise, analyse and visualise your data.

Users can discover and provision computing services available to them


Offered as a once-off or subscription service, enabling regular insights and commentary.