Secure, connected workforce

Connectivity, SD-WAN and WIFI

End user data consumption management tool

This is a powerful, modular, cloud-based Technology Expense Management [TEM] platform that delivers unparalleled visibility, analytics and control across your entire IT and Telecoms landscape, boasting easy to use reports and visually appealing dashboards. With software that can be custom aligned to fit the unique reporting structure and requirements of any organization. They also offer a specialized mobile expense management module that affords organizations, visibility and insights into all mobile voice and mobile data costs across their entire remote workforce.

Zero-trust Network

Zscaler Internet Access delivers your security stack as a service from the cloud, eliminating the cost and complexity of traditional secure web gateway approaches. By moving security to a globally distributed cloud, Zscaler™ brings the internet gateway closer to the user for a faster experience. Organizations can easily scale protection to all offices or users, regardless of location, and minimize network and appliance infrastructure. Zscaler Private Access ( ZPA) is the leading global, cloud delivered Zero -Trust private application access solution. ZPA delivers seamless and policy-based access to applications and data for mobile or work-from-home strategies. All of this is build on a Zero Trust approach which promotes maximum security and protection towards unauthorised access.

Cloud contact centre

Move your contact center into the virtual realm. Dynamically connect with your customers on the channel they prefer through seamless interactions but on one platform. This is a full-suite solution, offering a comprehensive set of CX functionality that supports you with inbound and outgoing communications. Whether it's a complete work from home environment, a hybrid or on-premise solution, Smartz communication can assist. How do they solve for the new normal? Rapid deployment of remote agents, catering for varying connectivity, managing remote agents. Their software has the agility to update features and development on its all-encompassing platform. It also delivers Open-API's with proven integration into CRM and ERP platforms. Zero agent installation (fully web-based)

Web protection

Internet security solution that delivers total visibility into network connections and protects against known and unknown web-borne threats.

Secure, & Reliable SD-WAN

Simplifies branch networking with a reliable and high-performance workspace experience that helps accessing SaaS applications, virtual desktops, or traditional data centres. The network itself (not going to feature Wi-Fi)

Zero trust security for remote access

Zero-Trust Security

Zero Trust is a data-centric security framework centered on the belief that organizations should not automatically trust anything inside or outside their perimeters and must verify the identity and trustworthiness of everything trying to connect to its resources before granting access-based on identity and trustworthiness. Or simply put, "Trust no one." Symantec Integrated Cyber Defense delivers endpoint, network, information, and identity security across on-premises and cloud infrastructures to provide the most complete and effective Zero Trust solution in the industry. With this platform, you can secure your workforce, your data, and your workloads, while maintaining superior visibility and control.

Application Security

Security measures at the application level that aim to prevent data or code within the app from being stolen or hijacked.

Vulnerability Management

Ongoing proactive mitigation and prevention of exploitation of IT vulnerabilities that exist within a system or organisation.

Security Awareness

Effective people-oriented security awareness education and training to minimise the exposure of information assets by employee action, whether deliberate or accidental.

E-mail protection

Cloud-based email security and compliance solution that protects against malware, spam and data leakage to improve security and mail performance.

Workforce Identity

Okta is one trusted platform to secure every identity, from customers to your workforce. More than 10,000 organizations trust Okta’s software and APIs to sign in, authorize, and manage users. Build auth into any app. Create secure, delightful experiences quickly by offloading customer identity management to Okta. Adaptive Multi-Factor Authentication, Employee Lifecycle Management Automation, Extend modern identity to on-prem apps and protect your hybrid cloud.

End-point protection

Simplify the process of on-boarding, managing and protecting users on any endpoint.

Virtualise your desktop

Application Delivery & Security

Is an application delivery controller that analyses application-specific traffic to distribute, optimize, and secure Layer 4-Layer 7 (L4–L7) network traffic intelligently for web applications. The ADC features can be broadly classified into switching, security and protection, server-farm optimization, and global server load balancing (GSLB).

Desktop Virtualisation

Easily deliver your apps with a complete desktops-as-a-service (DaaS) solution from iOCO.

Application Virtualisation

Enable a modern digital workspace by delivering apps and desktops to any device from any cloud. Give employees the app and desktop experience they need to succeed—on any device, over any network Employees get the same secure, virtual experience across operating systems. You manage it all in a single console.

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