Get a competitive edge with iOCO multi-cloud management

Technology is progressing exponentially and with the arrival of local hyperscale availability, the cloud brings significant opportunities to the commercial industry.

The market is moving swiftly towards business functions being consumed as applications that are used as a service and delivered in the cloud.

Business that wish to keep up with the technological revolution therefore need to get onboard the cloud revolution, as it is the key to unlocking the next generation of business growth.

The cloud offers the following benefits to organisations:

  • Increased capacity and power.
  • New business capabilities.
  • Staff and customer empowerment.
  • Extractable value from business data.
  • More monetisation opportunities.
  • Partner business collaborations.

iOCO multi-cloud management

iOCO is a fully-certified, independent cloud solutions provider that is trusted by many South African businesses.

One of iOCO’s greatest value offerings is that it is solution-agnostic, meaning it can offer the best solution to customers – even if this means using a multi-cloud solution to extract the best features of multiple solutions.

iOCO has extensive experience in the consulting process and has provided sound guidance to many CIOs as they embarked on their cloud journeys.

iOCO is also skilled at developing a roadmap for cloud migration which is both realistic and effective.

Once this is developed, iOCO’s staff are highly trained in the design, implementation, and managing of all cloud deployments, including multi-cloud environments.

Multi-cloud management

iOCO can help your business get a competitive edge over your competition by ensuring that your multi-cloud solution allows you to use a variety of business processes and functions across cloud solutions with ease.

This is achieved through iOCO’s powerful multi-cloud management approach, allowing you to get the best features from a variety of cloud providers without worrying about the complexities of managing these systems.

Your multi-cloud solution operates in an end-to-end ecosystem which can include public, private, and hybrid cloud solutions – and can be provisioned either using your own infrastructure or within iOCO’s environment.

A simplified multi-cloud approach can provide your business with big advantages:

  • Better availability and enhanced performance.
  • Improved manageability and visibility.
  • Increased security and risk mitigation.

iOCO boasts partnerships Red Hat, Google Cloud, VMWare, Oracle, and AWS – meaning that you can leverage the unique benefits of each of these cloud providers to optimise your multi-cloud solution.

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