Support your organisation’s digital ambitions through application platform services.

Creating an interconnected multi-vendor digital ecosystem in which your applications can become smart drivers of innovation and business value.

We are your digital problem solvers, enabling business functionality and igniting performance that delivers results.

We build, test, run, manage and optimise applications, empowering the business functionality your people need to innovate.

We provide software and application solutions to:

  • Provide a single portal for support, managing all interactions relating to software requests and incidents.
  • Reduces the complexity and time taken to resolve requests across multiple suppliers.
  • Upgrades and patching to ensuring ‘evergreen’ software allowing the customers to leverage the latest developments within the software they have invested in.
  • Fixed solution costs to support easier financial planning.
  • Service management reviews maintaining focus on service improvement initiatives.
  • Bring your own licence, allowing you to leverage your existing software investments.
  • Perpetual license agreements deliver long term financial savings and provide maximum portability and extensibility benefits.
  • Transition planning and software upgrades to latest stable release.

We can help your organisation reduce the cost of innovation by providing:

Enterprise service management, supporting the modern digital environment through open integrations and automation

A centralised management system with reporting and traceability across the application delivery/management lifecycle.

A load testing solution for cloud-based performance testing for developers, testers, and performance engineers.

iOCO DevOps Tool Chain:

Scaling DevOps in the Enterprise

The iOCO DevOps Tool Chain is a collection of products and services to help accelerate the implementation of DevOps and associated functions, such as automated testing and continuous testing.

Rapid introduction of essential DevOps tools and practices while continuing to derive value from existing tools and frameworks, like JIRA, Jenkins, Selenium, JUnit, NUnit.
Enterprise-class solution to help Agile teams deliver software functionality faster without compromising on quality.

  • Enable Behaviour-Driven Development and associated processes
  • Eliminate silos between Dev and Test
  • Provide integration between software build/continuous integration and testing
  • Enable software test automation
  • Provide API testing facilities
  • Unlock visibility on test coverage, results and defects throughout app lifecycle
  • Shift security testing left for home grown and open-source code
iOCO Business-ready solutions

Business-ready solutions

The DevOps Tool Chain products can be integrated to share data and insights across the organisation to ensure visibility, transparency, traceability, and collaboration, across the whole dev team and beyond.

Quality Assurance software and services

Application Testing

Application Testing

Designing and implementing a world-class testing process with a programme of continuous improvement.

  • Eliminate the full spectrum of risks in delivering new applications.
  • Deliver applications faster, cheaper and at higher quality than before.
Application lifecycle management (ALM)

Application lifecycle management (ALM)

ALM is a centralized management system that enables you to govern test management activities to improve quality and meet business and compliance goals.

  • Achieve regulatory compliance through standardized processes, end-to-end traceability, audit trails, and security measures across the application delivery lifecycle.
  • Track and consolidate testing efforts
  • Gain a holistic view across releases and get new insights.
  • Automate workflow and processes
Application Performance Management &  Optimisation

Application Performance Management & Optimisation

Make the best application performance management choices for your business. From procuring the right components, to understanding licensing options, installing and configuring the system, training staff in its use, and providing you with on-going support and consulting; we ensure that your organisation gets the best value for money from every investment.

Test Automation

Test Automation

Test Automation increases software development speed, reduces costs and provides competitive advantage through automation of the testing process.

  • Speeds up the delivery process by removing slow, unreliable testing processes.
  • Detect problems early and quickly minimising the cost of resolution and building quality into your development process.


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