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Data & Analytics

Data must be at the centre of every digital revolution

Data is now a massive source of competitive edge. We help our clients to create and access opportunities for growth through their data.

Unlock revenue streams

Monetise data

Create new industries

Bridge the known and emerging data worlds to create an ecosystem that enables your business to evolve into a data-driven organisation.

Most organisations either:

  • Collect huge volumes of data but don’t know how to use it
  • Know they should be using data but don’t know where to start

That’s where we come in as your journey partner. We assess how data can add value to your world and the people in it, and then we plan how to make it happen.

iOCO Data Services

Our sustainable approach to change means that your organisation can:

Reduce costs by gradually switching off expensive assets, but once you’ve got your money’s worth out of them first.

Continue to derive value from traditional data warehousing once we’ve modernised the ingestion layer.

Add more data sources and create a data analytics ecosystem that thrives on deep learning.

Move from passive reporting to machine intelligence, unlocking the data advisory potential in your business.

We are pragmatic in our approach to data management. We help businesses to:

Ingest more

Store more

Contextualise more

We assist organisations to embrace data and unlock opportunities for growth and understanding.

We have a strong data governance competency which means that:


We will architect the modernisation of your data systems


We will rethink how data is stored


We will handle information security for you


We will oversee data quality and profiling


We will assist in keeping master data pure


Enable big data analytics & predictive analytics

We’ll walk your organisation through the stages of data evolution:

1. Data Strategy & Advisory

  • Aligning data strategy to business strategy to fuel fact-based decision making.
  • Roadmap planning that details the desired state and how to get there.

2. Data Integration

  • Bridge the old and the new and bring it all together.
  • Create a free flow of secure data through the organisation.
iOCO Data Integration

3. Architecture

  • Build the system that matches your business intent.
  • A system that’s designed for your business and born in the cloud.

4. Skills Development

  • Train your people in the skills necessary to excel at data management and data analytics.
  • Contribute to the rise of a new breed of data scientists and professionals.

5. Advanced Analytics and dashboards

  • Perform current big data analytics better with guidance from data scientists and Business Intelligence experts.
  • Accurately communicate data-driven insights that remove the noise from data and ensures they are easily understood, remembered and acted upon.
  • Leverage our advisory strength to find the best-fit technology for your business data needs.
Advanced Analytics and dashboards

6. Data Governance

  • Build trust, keep your business data safe and secure.
  • Achieve and maintain compliance with data and privacy legislation.
Data Governance

Manage and Operate: Data & Data Services

We are an end-to-end systems integrator and outsource provider. We can either meet a single need, or every need.

Continuous monitoring, measurement and alignment to strategy and governance.

Need help unlocking the opportunities hidden in your business data?

With iOCO by your side, you can move from analysing static data using static tools to being able to ingest and incorporate data as it arrives, helping you understand far more about your customers and supply chain, as it happens.

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