We believe anything is possible with modern technology, software, and development expertise.


It’s about connecting
your company...

To the outside world

It’s about connecting
your company ...


To the outside world

We believe software that enables your business, delivers outstanding digital customer experiences, and enhances your operational efficiency.

Imagine if you could DevAnything? What would you build.

We can help you solve today

We help customers understand their challenges

Starting with an outside-in approach to problem solving, we then identify what functional applications we need to develop to solve that problem.

We build apps with human-centric design

Software that enables your business, delivers outstanding digital customer experiences, and enhances your operational efficiency.

We provide the digital glue that brings it all together

Using APIs, we can integrate disparate business systems and processes to create interconnected business ecosystems.

We ensure consistent value and performance

By applying quality frameworks that have been built over 20 years by some of the brightest minds in the industry.

At iOCO we develop software, application products, APIs, custom solutions, microservices and integration solutions for organisations looking to make their people’s lives simpler and more efficient.

We excel at designing and building large-scale solutions and handling service-based integration to produce rich web, Windows and mobile apps, as well as data-intensive apps with complex online transaction and analytical processing.

We are the people with the modern toolbox to make function and competitive advantage happen for our clients and their customers.

We put the users at the heart of every function because there is no business need without people, and there is little or no success without user adoption.

The goal of our Manage & Operate team is to go beyond the status quo.

Its no longer just about managing your day to day processes, the world has moved to continuous agile improvement through predictive problem management, automation and self-healing.

Why choose iOCO as your software and app development partner?

We have strong project management capabilities, constant project reviews and controls to track delivery and ensure quality.

We are advisory-led and technology-agnostic, using only the best-fit tech to solve challenges.

We enable clients to take their place and participate fully in a truly digital, mobile and data-driven future.

Our Staff-On-Demand offering can ramp up your software/application development team as needed, optimising your resourcing costs.

We provide continuous interventions giving you the competitive advantage

Project Reviews

Review projects against standards and practices to enable successful outcome.

Competency Reviews

Assessing end-to-end project delivery to identify gaps in skills, processes and tools, making the necessary recommendations to bridge the gap.

Cloud optimisation

Focusing on how best to do things to ensure that you make the most out of your investment in Cloud by introducing efficiencies and reducing operating costs.

Application modernisation
Cloud migration
Security (SecOps)

Together, we’ll move you from idea to minimum viable product fast. We help you to deliver key components of your digital strategy, from design to testing and deployment.

To achieve this we focus on four key areas Understand, Design, Develop and Optimise.

  • We get to know your business inside and out, and we do the same for your people.
  • We perform a technical review on your ICT environment, from top to bottom.
  • Once we have an understanding of what your business needs to achieve and how your people want to do it, we then move onto the next phase.
  • We use APIs, cloud-native software, modern technology platforms and reusable code to develop functionality in a way that ensures fastest time to market.
  • We focus on quality assurance throughout, making use of automated testing capabilities.
  • We design with the end in mind, keeping the user in focus throughout.
  • We apply human-centred design thinking and practices to solve problems not only for our clients, but for their customers too.
  • We test the entire user experience with the clickable pro-types before moving to the app development phase.
  • We focus on value and every recommendation has a clear business-use case; the advice we give delivers return in value at every increment in the journey.
  • We introduce optimisation by looking at how to achieve your desired end-state through short, medium and long-term recommendations.
  • We work to optimise your DevOps by understanding current dev and ops teams, processes and tooling and recommending changes that will enable continuous delivery and quick time to value.

Ready to see what your business can achieve with Africa’s foremost digital enabler by your side?

No matter what functionality you need, we bring together the immense skills and capabilities of more than 1,000 software and application developers.

Our flexible engagement model means we can either:

Develop your project or solution end-to-end

Supplement your dev team in a shared managed capacity model

Provide resource augmentation to fill a gap

Start the conversation today.