Increase Efficiencies with Salesforce CRM

The right Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool will turn leads into wins, boosting sales and promoting business growth. Here’s how Salesforce CRM increases efficiencies across the board for sales and service teams…

CRM for Business Users

Productivity hinges on meeting people where they’re at. When businesses can sell the way they want to, while also connecting to customers they way they want to be approached, real productivity can be achieved.

With Salesforce CRM, everyone is more productive in every moment.

  • Sell smarter and faster, from anywhere
  • Fill pipelines faster by teaming up sales with marketing
  • Use one unified, secure, AI powered platform that can integrate and connect anything
  • Drive the process from lead, to cash, to loyalty with a personalised customer experience
  • Enjoy intelligence built in, automatically capturing vital data needed to deliver more, better with greater customer satisfaction
  • Align sales, marketing and service with a 360-degree view of your customer, with the ability to plugin thousands of sales apps and components

The business result? Close more sales, anytime, anywhere.

CRM for IT and Admins

With Salesforce CRM, IT and Admins can quickly launch new products and services with less effort.

The Customer 360 Platform and best-in-class apps built on Salesforce Lightning accelerate the time to market. App development is simplified, allowing IT and Admins to:

  • Quickly create new apps using clicks or code
  • Extend any app with partner-built components
  • Take advantage of innovations released three times per year

Thanks to improved end user productivity, sales are bolstered. According to a Forrester Report titled The Total Economic Impact™ Of Salesforce Lightning:

“Organisations reported that their Lightning Experience deployment improved the end user experience, reduced the time spent on administrative tasks, and increased end user productivity.”

CRM for Power Users

The Salesforce Lightning platform also offers immense benefits for Power Users. The Forrester Report goes on to say; “organisations saw time savings for users who relied heavily on reporting and the dashboard capabilities of Salesforce. Users such as business sponsors decreased time spent on managing pipelines and creating reports and benefited from improved processes.”

This empowers Power Users to build transformation into their organisations’ DNA. This is essential because business is continuously evolving. Salesforce Lightning offers users:

  • A platform for keeping up with business transformation and a changing marketplace
  • Insight into real-time analytics to improve processes
  • Time savings with intuitive dashboard capabilities
  • Aligned sales and services to meet new business opportunities

It’s time to increase your sales efficiencies with iOCO. Let us help you blaze a trail from lead to cash, and beyond. 

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