Database as a Service

Managed Database Services

Database as a Service (DBaaS) is one of the fastest-growing cloud services that allow organisations to take advantage of database solutions without having to operate, manage or maintain the underlying technologies.

Database outsourcing is a cost-efficient solution to set up and scale databases, particularly in operating complex, distributed application components. Managed database services enable the business to leverage the cloud’s prolific benefits for its specific applications’ data storage, search, and access needs.

Integrated Database Services

How we can help

Design & Architecture

Develop, Build & Integrate

Security & Compliance

Transition & Migration

Manage & Operate

1. Database Support & Maintenance

  • Customised service to ensure business uptime
  • Reduce overall effort by getting the basics right

2. Database Migration

  • Version migration (unsupported version)
  • Cloud (AWS/Azure)
  • Platform Migration
  • Database Health Check & Best Practice Analysis:
  • Assess how databases are looked after
  • Gain insight into the database environment
iOCO Data Integration

3. Database Integration

  • Customer database integration

4. Data Activity Monitoring

  • Unified data activity monitoring via Guardian

5. Database Automation

  • Automate repetitive tasks to reduce wasted resources

6. High Database Availability

  • Clustering, HADR, AlwaysOn

Outsourced Database Management helps your organisation to

Unlock operational excellence

Reach your digital ambitions

Increase stability and uptime

Understand data and associated risks

Optimise costs across the business

Integrate into existing ITIL processes

Increase recoverability

Achieve peace of mind

Capabilities & Offerings

Our Database Support & Maintenance, Outsourcing and Consulting Services provide

  • Customised engagement
  • Operational elasticity
  • Environmental discovery
  • Experienced resources
  • Automation
  • Step by step migrations (Cloud/Platform)
  • High availability
  • Database integration
  • Development
  • Performance tuning
  • Data recons
  • Consolidation
  • Archiving solutions
  • Data activity monitoring
  • Sensitive data discovery
  • Database Encryption

Leveraging benefits of Database as a Service for business

Managed Database Services frees valuable resources from the time-intensive tasks of setting up and managing database systems and the IT environment.
This technology dramatically shortens the time spent on procedure from weeks and days to a matter of minutes, especially in self-service use cases such as DevOps environments that require rapid and cost-effective operations capabilities for their IT systems.

From a business perspective, managed database technology and services offers tangible benefits:


Cloud vendors manage database systems in terms of a Service Level Agreement (SLA) guarantee to ensure that database systems are running to optimal performance. Such guarantees also take care of compliance to stringent security regulations, with service availability managed to high standards as per the SLA agreement.


Self-service capabilities give users the power to provision new database instances as required, often with a few simple clicks.  This removes the governance hurdles and administrative responsibilities from IT’s realm of responsibility.


Free resources from administrative tasks and engage them on tasks focused on innovation and business growth, instead of keeping the lights on.


Take advantage of rapid provisioning and deployment to take changing business requirements in your stride.
In DevOps organisations, this is particularly useful as Devs and Ops both take on collective responsibilities of operations tasks.


Technology resources dedicated to managing database systems can be switched up in response to changing usage requirements. This is particularly useful where the demand for database workloads is dynamic and not always predictable.


Managed database technologies support encryption and multiple layers of security to protect sensitive data at rest, in transit and during processing.

Our approach to Managed Database Services:

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