Build your own fast data fabric

Driving value into your business

Intelligent insights from fast data capabilities

Our Fast Data Fabric was built to help clients

1 Highlight, isolate and solve business problems

2 Ingest data more widely than previously possible

3 Store far more data than before

4 Enable deeper analytics (machine learning, predictive analytics, etc.)

We help clients to maximise the value of their data in the digital revolution.

At iOCO we believe that data is one of the most valuable assets of any organisation and we are on a mission to help companies turn data into information in such a way that it boosts revenue, increases efficiencies and delivers world-class service.

Business Analytics

Technology, solutions and services to turn you into an analytics-driven company, by making sure you know your past, understand your present, and shape your future.

Financial Performance Management

We understand the importance of tracking performance against corporate objectives to identify performance gaps and perform ‘what-if’ scenarios; replace rigid budgets with continuous planning and more frequent forecasting.

Data Management

At iOCO, we understand that quality data is fundamental to all fact-driven decisions. That’s why we place high importance on a holistic approach to building, enriching and managing your analytics data platforms.

With our Fast Data Fabric it is now possible for businesses to:

  • Incorporate and analyse data literally as it arrives, in a variety of formats regardless of structure and source.
  • Understand more about their customers and supply chain, as it happens.
  • Automate the execution of responses to data insights through microservices within an API framework.
  • Leverage existing data assets and warehouses to create a two-speed architecture by modernising the ingestion layer.

Outcomes-based enterprise application solutions and services:

  • Streamline business processes to maximise resources and reduce costs.
  • Enhance demand and sales forecasting, improved inventory control.
  • Optimised supply chain process integration.
  • Improved store/branch network planning and configuration.
  • Superior selection of target market prospects for cross-sell and up-sell initiatives.
  • Enhanced management of customer churn, enriched customer segmentation.
  • Enhanced understanding of customer sentiment (satisfaction, frustration, etc).
  • Superior management of customer loyalty, profitability and life-time value.
  • Improved product, services and channel pricing, optimisation of merchandising.
  • Better management of credit, operational and market risk, with enhanced fraud detection.

Get the help your organisation needs to derive maximum benefit from rapidly-transforming business landscapes in an ever-expanding digital economy.