Why Migrate SAP Workloads to AWS Cloud?

With proven success in the market, AWS offers a sound approach backed by unmatched experience in supporting SAP customers in the cloud. AWS is the platform of choice and innovation for 5,000+ SAP customers and hundreds of partners.

iOCO is embarking on a campaign to empower customers with more flexibility and greater value from SAP investments. With this move, businesses are supercharging the performance, flexibility, and security of existing SAP applications, while simultaneously cutting costs. AWS is certified by SAP to run its software, the two companies have worked closely to optimise SAP’s performance on the AWS Cloud.

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Why Migrate SAP Workloads to AWS Cloud?

From lifting and shifting ECC to reduce costs, to migrating to SAP S/4HANA, or innovating with AWS services, the time has come to confidently pursue “cloud-first” strategies.

Using the AWS Well Architected Framework

Creates scalability
(both up and down)

Eases management loads

Offers a broad range of
services to ensure maximum value

Why Choose iOCO to Manage Your Migration?

Partnering with iOCO in this migration offers customers unique benefits. Migration is not simply the movement of a workload from one place to another. It is an intricate process from which hangs migration data, potential development or application modernisation, opportunities for automation, and the need to test that the application behaves as expected in the exciting world of Hyperscale.

With iOCO’s oversight, the migration will be carefully managed to ensure it delivers against the promise that public cloud brings. Leveraging iOCO to migrate SAP workloads to AWS allows customers to take advantage of a purpose-built infrastructure for SAP workloads, enhancing performance and security. Post-migration, iOCO and AWS offer a breadth of services to help customers modernise SAP applications, embrace new technologies such as AI/ML, and maintain competitive advantage.

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