The key to optimising resource management

Resource management is a vital element to the successful running of any organisation. It is literally what keeps the business operating smoothly across operations. Fluid and effective resource management is imperative for the successful functioning of any organisation.

“Organisations are fully reliable on their resources for prime functionality. Therefore utilising the necessary, most up-to-date, and available technology is the smartest thing a business manager can do,” explains Ken Cullinan, Divisional Director at iOCO.

Why is Resource Management Important?

Effective resource management enables an organisation to identify and manage the available resources efficiently, for superior service delivery. Successful management of these resources can lead to higher quality value of business offerings and thus increased customer satisfaction and revenue.

Enter Oracle NetSuite OpenAir

Cullinan explains that the NetSuite OpenAir is a Professional Services Automation (PSA) system that has been specifically designed to aid organisations in optimising their resource management. Keeping adaptability in mind, this system has built-in-flexibility so that organisations can mould it to best suit their specific needs and requirements. This system was designed to help organisations optimise their resource management, allowing them greater success and potential for growth.

The Benefits of the NetSuite OpenAir System

  • Utilisation tracking and capacity planning are made easier and more effective
  • Idle resources can be identified and redirected to avoid revenue loss
  • Staff can be better matched to jobs that suit their skillsets, allowing for better performance and increased revenue
  • Various types and lengths of projects can easily be managed through the same system
  • Identification of appropriate resources to fulfil customer requirements becomes a seamless and fluid process
  • There is no more need for the use of manual systems, such as spreadsheets, meaning that the potential for human error or accidental scheduling conflicts is removed
  • It is suitable for organisations of all types and sizes and all levels and areas of resource management
  • A large variety of methods are built into the system allowing businesses to utilise the method that best suits their project and purpose
  • The system provides immediate and detailed comparisons of available resources to optimise the choice of research
  • The Advanced Booking Worksheet enables timeous bookings and identification of resources
  • The Advanced Booking Worksheet also allows for collaboration between the project manager and staffers, making formal processes with large-scale resources to track more manageable

Why Choose Oracle’s NetSuite OpenAir?  

Oracle’s NetSuite OpenAir truly allows organisations to optimise resource management processes, because of the benefits and adaptability within the system. “These features make this PSA superior within the market, with proven success in substantially supporting organisational resource management and increasing revenue,” concludes Cullinan.

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