How professional services automation revolutionises resource management

Most professional service organisations understand that their employees and contracted workers are vital to the survival of the business. Without them, the delivery of the service would not be possible. However, a large percentage of these organisations still rely on outdated methods and legacy systems when it comes to managing their staff and to the allocation of roles for services rendered. This can easily lead to miscalculations, loss of revenue, and wasted time. This is especially true as businesses grow, increasing the number of people that need to be scheduled and managed.

“Utilising updated technology, such as Oracle’s NetSuite OpenAir, assists businesses in simplifying their processes, while increasing accuracy and efficiency,” explains Ken Cullinan, Divisional Director at iOCO.

Professional Services Automation (PSA) vs. Outdated Systems

When comparing PSA to outdated systems, such as Excel spreadsheets, the following observations are made:

  • While some businesses shy away from technological solutions due to it being an immediate expense, these solutions actually save businesses revenue in the long run by minimising human error and loss of revenue.
  • PSA ensures that the data is correct, while offering real-time visibility for better resource and skills management.
  • As numbers increase, spreadsheets become more and more difficult to manage.
  • PSA solutions allow businesses to assess the right staff for the right project seamlessly, without the extra time spent on filtering through unnecessary information.

The Benefits of Oracle’s NetSuite OpenAir

  • With this PSA, the ability to find the most suitable person for a project is as easy as entering the parameters of the job/ project into the system. The system will immediately return who is available, as well as who would be the most suitable of those who are available. This allows for exceptional management of services and delivery.
  • All necessary information about availability is stored on one easily accessible platform which provides up-to-date and real-time data. This ensures that businesses do not waste time contacting people who are no longer available or able to take on the work.
  • The skills-data of employees is stored into the system, ensuring that the person chosen for a particular project is the person with the highest skill-set suitable for that job.
  • The solution is designed to be user-friendly and requires fewer employees and less time to calibrate and manage schedules and assignments.

Why Choose Oracle’s NetSuite OpenAir?

“This PSA has proven to increase satisfaction for employers, employees, and customers. This is because it streamlines the process making it more manageable for everyone involved. Oracle’s NetSuite OpenAir offers businesses an opportunity to save on time and revenue while exponentially increasing their service delivery and return on investment,” concludes Cullinan.

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