The Benefits of the Oracle Assurance Advisory Service

The effective management of ever evolving and complex IT environments is becoming increasingly difficult. In the wake of Industry 4.0, traditional methods simply do not make the grade. They cost too much, are laborious, and result in a reactive approach which cannot keep pace with rapid development.

Enter Oracle Assurance Advisory Service (OAAS) – a unique consulting solution developed by the Oracle Services team at iOCO. Leveraging iOCO’s in-depth knowledge within the Oracle landscape, OAAS ensures that the best possible Return on Investment (ROI) is achieved.

OAAS essentially gives customers a better understanding of their current Oracle estate, including reliable insight into their:

  • Data Security Posture
  • Compliance and Standards Position
  • Operational Efficiency

Data Security Posture

Keeping pace with evolving security practices has never been more important. Today, data is a currency that constantly appreciates in value. Protecting this data is essential. OAAS offers unmatched protection, delivering an in-depth, defensive approach that includes preventive, detective and administrative controls, ensuring:

  • Best practice security compliance, taking HIPAA, PoPI and GDPR requirements into consideration to avoid legal and financial penalties
  • The ability to define and achieve specific IT security goals
  • Vulnerability management, mitigating the threat of external attacks

Compliance and Standards Position

Achieving ROI from an investment in Oracle technology requires dedicated management, control and compliance. Most organisations employ people, policies, processes and technology to ensure licence entitlement matches usage… but is this enough?

While this is a good start, organisations usually require additional assistance to:

  • Fully understand their Oracle software asset eligibility and usage
  • Ensure software compliance
  • Mitigate possible shortfalls

Offering an Oracle Licence Compliance Review, iOCO helps to mitigate customers’ punitive licence and back support penalties. We provide an ongoing monitoring service, evaluating and offering recommendations regarding future licensing requirements.

Operational Efficiency

Operations management has become far more multifaceted and intricate in the modern IT era. To achieve operational efficiency, businesses must:

  • Consolidate data centres to reduce costs and improve efficiencies
  • Ensure deployed infrastructure that is flexible, dynamic and consistently meets the needs of end users
  • Understand that downtime, or even a modest amount of latency, is no longer acceptable

OAAS offers visibility in Oracle processing efficiencies with an end-to-end view of Oracle infrastructure. Our advisory assistance helps customers achieve scalability to meet business needs and ensure utilisation matches performance.

The Key Benefits of OAAS

  • Reduced Risk – expediting the overall compliance process
  • Time and Cost Savings – simplifying the process of meeting information security reporting and auditing requirements
  • Accelerated Validation – providing the services, documentation and service terms customers need to facilitate fast compliance validation

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