Taking advantage of the global market place with Infor SunSystems

When it comes to operating on an international scale, automated statutory data with reliable financial data is crucial. This can effectively be achieved by utilising Infor SunSystems Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software.

“With Infor’s SunSystems organisations can easily adapt to a global market. With reliable financial data, profitable decision making, in-context analytics, and business intelligence that complements core reporting data become a reality,” explains Paul Bouchier, Sales Director at iOCO, within iOCO Software Distribution, the local Infor Master Reseller.

Unified ledger and embedded analytics

SunSystems' unified ledger offers automated data entry and embedded analysis tools. Organisations can easily and effectively integrate SunSystems with existing business systems. This enables businesses to meet statutory and management reporting requirements with financial data that is reliable and accurate.

With this approach, business leaders are seamlessly maintaining complete compliance with various and evolving regulatory environments.  “The software has purposefully been designed to be highly configurable. Its advantages include the elimination of operational silos, providing access to in-context role-based data flows, supporting complex restructures, and offering two-tier ERP strategies,” continues Bouchier.

SunSystems: Driving financial reporting on a global scale

  • International financial requirements are easily managed with unfettered access to localised support for regional reporting regulations
  • This single solution is available in multiple languages
  • It allows organisations to address multiple reporting regimes seamlessly
  • Unified ledgers that comply with multiple regulatory and reporting requirements are accessible

The key capabilities of Infor’s SunSystems

  • Financial Management: All finance and accounting information is accessible in real time from various GAAP standards to updated International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRSs).
  • Corporate Allocation and Intercompany: Existing ledger data can be split or re-assigned to generate new transactions for the processing of intercompany accounts balances.
  • Fixed Asset Management: Asset transactions can be entered into a unified ledger. This ledger is visible in real-time on the register and the profit and loss and balance sheet accounts.
  • Sales and Order Management: This management is streamlined and enhanced with immediate access to any associated documents.
  • Purchase Management: With a complete overview of all purchasing activities, business leaders can improve control and effectively reduce costs.
  • Inventory Management: Effectively track inventory movements including multiple allocation and costing methods.

“Infor’s SunSystems gifts business owners with the opportunity to take full advantage of the global market with accurate and reliable financial data – delivering automated statutory data on an international scale,” concludes Bouchier.

For more information about Infor SunSystems, please contact Paul Bouchier at paul.bouchier@ioco.tech.