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Netsuite SRP fosters team support and business growth from any location.

Globally, there is a marked, increasing demand for flexibility and mobility. The requirements for rapid communication, visibility, and work adaptability have become progressively vital to the success and survival of any organisation. To achieve this, a highly advanced and all-inclusive Services Resource Planning (SRP) solution must be implemented.

“The correct SRP allows you to support your team from anywhere in the world. Business leaders are often on the go and cannot always be in the office to ensure efficiency. With this advanced technology, the business leader has complete control through real-time visibility over the entire business,” explains Lu-Wayne Victor, Junior NetSuite Consultant at iOCO (Oracle Services). “In the digital age, it is also vital that mobile services organisations have unlimited access in the cloud, from anywhere at any time.”

What is NetSuite SRP?

Victor explains that NetSuite SRP is a fully comprehensive SRP solution which offers a wide range of capabilities. These include, but are not limited to, Accounting and Enterprise Resource Planning, Customer Relationship Management, Project Management, Resource Management, Project Costing, Timesheet and Expense Management, Project Delivery, and Billing Professional Services Automation.

How NetSuite SRP Supports the Team, Fostering Growth from Anywhere, at Any Time

  • This solution offers unlimited cloud capabilities which can be reached from any location at any given time
  • This continual real-time offering allows for more efficient functionality throughout the entire bid-to-bill lifecycle
  • Continual visibility allows business leaders to identify areas of strength to enhance and highlight those capabilities
  • Areas of potential errors or weaknesses can be identified and rectified immediately, before they impact on business functionality
  • Advanced, easily accessible, and adaptable dashboards and key metrics are available at any given time
  • Through superior monitoring capabilities, all elements of management throughout various departments become streamlined which increases efficiency

Deeper Insights with a Continual View

NetSuite SRP ensures that there is a continual view across all ranges of business functionalities. This offers deeper insight into elements such as forecasts, resources, projects and KPIs.

“With these real-time insights, decision makers are able to utilise their resources more efficiently and tackle any rising problems before they develop into real concerns. This visibility and functionalities also allow business managers to offer their teams continual and beneficial support from anywhere, at any time, with web and mobile access,” concludes Victor.

With almost two decades of experience supporting services organisations of all specialties and sizes, NetSuite understands the unique requirements of running a services business. Contact Lu-Wayne Victor at or on 0727104417 and let iOCO help you make the most of NetSuite SRP.