If you’re looking for a Learning Management System, you’ve found out that according to top analysts DigiSolve LMS is the #1 LMS out there.

But you’re a company with hundreds or potentially thousands of employees, you realised that implementing DigiSolve LMS can be quite an effort: licenses, implementation, training, configuration, e-learning content, training administrators and more. With DigiSolve LMS, you can still have the #1 LMS out there, but it’s going to be so much easier, jam packed with extra services and more cost effective.

More than half of all projects are not delivered as planned. This does not only impact client satisfaction, but also erodes the profitability of your projects. 

To put a stop to this failure rate, iOCO offers a pre-defined cloud ERP solution, that will allow professional services organisations to take control over every aspect of project delivery, from planning and execution, to procurement, staffing and billing. 

The business case for Digital transformation

What is DigiSolve LMS?

DigiSolve LMS is a cloud-based, turn-key subscription Learning Management System as a Service (LMSaaS if you like acronyms) powered by SuccessFactors™.

What’s in it?

  • SuccessFactors™ Cloud licenses
  • Implementation
  • Support
  • Training
  • 25 Gb of cloud storage space for your elearning content

Medium enterprises

2001 to 5000 employees

  • Live in 16 weeks
  • 2 updates per year (improvement and new features) without disrupting your work
  • SAP JAM Advanced - unlock the power of social learning by creating communities and connections
  • that make it easier for subject matter experts to share knowledge. Supplement formal training
  • with user-contributed videos, blogs, and content that goes a long way to support new hire
  • leadership development, and mentoring, high potential or coaching programs, and is a great way to
  • drive engagement.
  • SAP SkillSoft library of 20,000+ courses and content, available in up to 7 dierent languages
  • A 3-year contract is required
  • Approximately R440 per user per month (based on 2500 users over a 3 year contract)

Medium Enterprise

300 to 2000 employees

  • Live in 12 weeks
  • 2 updates per year (improvement and new
  • features) without disrupting your work
  • SAP JAM for collaboration between
  • learners and facilitators that encourages
  • social learning
  • SpecCon library of 42 courses and content
  • A 3-year contract is required
  • Approximately R160 per user per month
  • (based on 1000 users over a 3 year contract)

For more information on what solutions iOCO and SAP can provide to your organisation, download our Brochure and reach out to us on any of our communication channels.