Connecting business and talent objectives to drive value through innovation

Within the current context of the global Covid-19 Pandemic, the face of the workforce is rapidly and continually changing. Organisations may be facing increased challenges when it comes to human management solutions. While the goal is to ensure that business and talent objectives remain adequately aligned – which is essential for optimal business performance, success, and growth – various macro- and micro-environmental factors may be impeding true synchronicity.

A key component needed to connect business and talent objectives is the utilisation of effective people solutions, such as Human Capital Management (HCM), Workforce Management (WFM), and Talent Science. “By employing advanced and innovative technology that provides holistic solutions, organisations are empowered to drive true business value. This is especially true during the current unstable economic climate,” explains Shanon Ramdaw, Business Development Manager, Infor Services at iOCO.

Innovative technology plays a critical role in navigating the rapid and continual shift in the nature and functionality of how the workforce, employee abilities, and organisation-wide expectations are transforming. Implementing and adopting advanced people solution technologies can provide organisations with real-time, up to date data related to their employees. The insights obtained from this data allows organisations to understand what is needed to ensure prime talent management, and to make stronger decisions for the improvement of talent management. This further allows organisations to develop and shift strategies as needed, to keep talent objectives are intricately connected to business objectives.

When it comes to business success and growth, the importance of an organisation’s employees should not be underestimated. Having a strong and professionally managed workforce means that businesses can focus the company’s directives to meet and exceed business goals and objectives. Adopting innovative solutions that drive an in-depth understanding of the evolution of cloud-based functionalities and remote work strategies allows organisations to stay at the forefront of these changes and to adapt to unforeseen changes with less disruption.

“Innovative people solutions, such as Infor’s Human Capital Management (HCM) solutions, focus on bringing together and optimising the interaction between people and technology. This focus on digitisation allows for a more adaptable and advanced business model, propelling a more advanced and user-friendly virtual framework,” continues Ramdaw.

This virtual framework allows employees and decision makers to get up-to-date information regarding market, health, and restriction regulation related shifts – in real time. Through effective and innovative people solutions, businesses have instant access to information such as seasonal patterns and promotional patterns, as well as market trends and sudden changes. This immediate access to up to date information allows employees and decision makers to act on any shifts and adjustments in a proactive fashion. This adaptability drives value and builds a more resilient workforce and organisation.

Innovative people solutions, like Infor HCM, offer cloud-based functionality, enable businesses to inspire, support, and engage their workforce more effectively. This technology delivers superior streamlined processes, replacing complex processes, workflows, and systems – while exponentially increasing business value with a positive workforce and enhanced business alignment.

Holistic HCM solutions allow offer a unified platform, encompassing the employee profile and providing the organisation with a clear and direct view of its workforce’s strengths and needs. The solutions that offer a variety of functions and services within one platform allow organisations to better understand the current and rapidly changing industry climate.

“The use of this type of advanced technology also provides detailed information and empowering features to business employees. Having a unified picture of market trends coupled with employee capabilities allows organisations to adapt, create, and strengthen strategies,” concludes Ramdaw. “This innovative technology brings talent and business objectives together, ultimately allowing organisations to drive exponential business value.”

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