Getting your people back to work. Safely.

The return-to-work season is upon us, yet many people are apprehensive about the management of the workforce and their welfare during the coronavirus pandemic. It is essential that businesses are equipped with the tools for a controlled employee return, and ensure productive sales without compromising safety. GetSpace offers unique management solutions, securing a safe working environment where your business can adapt, overcome and thrive.

Ranging from health-dependent access permits to real time reporting, GetSpace allows you to GetSmart with your workforce management. Our forward-thinking offerings empower you to:

  • Ensure in-office staff’s health with daily health checks, seat booking and permit generation if occupancy restrictions allow.
  • Manage risks with real-time COVID-19 data.
  • Monitor workspace utilisation.
  • Access real-time insights into occupancy, utilization, costs security, maintenance, sanitation schedules and more.
  • Achieve granular access control with digital permits and time restrictions.

We understand that creating a safe working environment is critical for protecting your work family, yet we also understand the duty to not neglect your bottom line. That is why we have come up with a people-and-profit inclusive tool for achieving social and economic success.

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